Chicago Auto Show First Look For Charity (blurry, mildly interesting) pics

The hubs and I gussied ourselves in sequins and cufflinks (respectively, of course) and went to the Chicago Auto Show First Look For Charity last night. It’s a black tie, sneak preview event with food and drinks galore. Ironically, the Brazillian steakhouse Fogo De Chao was one of the only vendors with a vegan appetizer. But champagne is vegan and there was plenty of that so I was set to roll!

You’d think I might actually take pictures of the cars, being a bit of a car girl myself, but a) I couldn’t pack my huge Nikon in a clutch so all I had was my cell phone and b) The cars I’m interested in aren’t making any major body changes this year and c) the concept cars are usually where all the fun is, but they were scarce.

So what did I do? I took cell phone pics of people’s crazy hats, lapel pins that reminded me of The Mockingjay and anyone I thought was interesting. Cadillac catered to women with pink slippers party favors, so lots of women were carrying their elegant shoes and traipsing around the show in fluffy bedroom loafers. That was kind of interesting. One woman went a little heavy on the sauce and ended up dancing with a staff member who was clearly just trying to clean the trash bins.

One picture I failed to get was of a lady who had dreads so long they grazed the floor. She was like Rapunzel’s crunchy aunt who makes her own kefir according to the cycle of the moon. (Kettle, black. I know.) She was awesome. Her husband had equally insane dreads, but the rest of their persons were not as reflective of granola culture. So if you ever had the burning question, “what do hippies wear to black tie events?” the answer is silk gowns and tuxedos just like the rest of us. I know you were hoping the answer is “ponchos woven from human hair and fresh animals skins” but your imagination will have to suffer.

I’m sure you clicked on this post expecting wheels and glamour, but that’s what the Vroom Girls and Drive She Said are for. On to the pics . . .


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