Whiskey Mom would be an awesome show

An avid rock climber in her 9th month of pregnancy has been featured on television harnessed, roped and tackling dangerous heights. Nothing’s going to keep her down! What a badass. How hardcore. Also, as I seem to be alone in thinking, how careless.

Jezebel featured the story today to a chorus of cheers because I guess any choice a pregnant woman makes is always okay, even if that choice involves endangering a full-term baby? If you have to wear a harness (one that is not designed for the safety of a pregnant belly, by the way) and have someone spot you, then it is not a safe activity. During pregnancy ligaments are looser and a woman’s center of balance is off. Why risk rock climbing? Just go for a jog in the park if you want to stay fit.*

I do not understand why people are cheering this woman. What if she were a heavily pregnant race car driver taking curves at warp speeds? What if it were an astronaut shipping off in 5G for a badass jaunt around the planet? We’re not supposed to judge any parenting decision for any reason – not even dangerous behavior?

Maybe TLC ought to feature a show called Whiskey Mom because since a little wine is okay when you’re pregnant, maybe a little whiskey is too. Or a lot of whiskey. It’s just a choice! What about Crack Mom? There’s a show! It’s never been proven at exactly what threshold crack cocaine crosses the placenta, so it’s totally fine and wonderful for a woman to make that choice if she sees fit. Choices! All choices!

No, you don’t have to rest peacefully on a bed of feathers just because you’re pregnant but there are other people to consider once you are. Is swinging from a rope off a cliff the best use of your time when you could be buying a two-seater car, planning a safari and enjoying mind-altering substances taking it easy and learning to breathe?

I’m all for making your  own choices, but I’m also for having a brain and not applauding dumb ones.


*Don’t look at me. I spend my pregnancies lifting melted cheese tortillas to my mouth. What? Those are totally bicep curls!

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  • I wouldnt feel safe rock climbing while prego (I can't even do a pull up now), but I don't think rock climbing and doing crack are equivalent for pregnant women. Tend to support the "mother's choice" thinking more because I got a lot of people telling me that riding my bike during pregnancy was reckless. But it kept me sane I tell you.

  • In reply to MeganW:

    Nah, crack rocks and climbing rocks aren't the same level of dangerous. I just got carried away. There's this whole thing like "don't judge anyone" and for the vast most part, I agree. I hate when people criticize each other on stuff like vaccinations and whatnot.

    I just thought the video of her rock climbing seemed very dangerous and worthy of a side-eye!

  • I'm just wondering what her health insurance company would have to say about it!

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