Watching Jon Stewart should be required to vote

Did anyone catch Jon Stewart last night? He perfectly captures the hypocrisy of Republican politicians. It’s not that it matters that Newt Gingrich was a sleaze to his wives per se. Playboyitis is an equal opportunity affliction when it comes to politicians. See also: Bill Clinton and the spectacle of Weinergate. The problem is when Republican candidates pander to family-values voters and make policy that judges the lives of other people when they themselves are no shining stars of morality. That is the hypocrisy and why Newt Gingrich should not be trusted. He’s phony. Doesn’t that matter to family values voters?

While we’re on the topic, the term “family values voter” is irritating to me because I’m a Democrat with very strong family values, thank you very much. I value family. I value freedom of choice and protection for my daughters. As a matter of fact, my top priority is my family and I wouldn’t vote for Newt Gingrich short of having a gun to my head.

The one twinkle in the ruff of Republican candidates? Ron Paul. He’s the first person running on the Republican ticket that doesn’t make me want to scream. The government should be less in our lives and when they are, they should be in the right places like building our streets and educating our kids. Build some libraries or something. Weed? Who cares! Abortion? A private matter! Stay out of our morals and leave victimless crime alone.

However access to healthcare and certain other social programs should not be commodities for rich individuals – they should be commodities for a rich nation. With all the money in this country, there should not be people dying because they can’t afford medicine. Hence, I hope Obama has four more years.

Ah, that felt great. My dad can shoot me now.

On to the clip in case you missed it last night:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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  • I totally agree! I am Canadian, but I super love Jon Stewart. My dad is a Republican (and American) and he always forwards me these super insane right wing e-mails, it blows my mind that a sane person can believe some of this crap. He also quotes Fox News a lot - it also scares me that he thinks that it's actually unbiased news. eek!

  • In reply to mommyandlayla:

    YES. My dad too! Now that it's an election year I should create a new gmail folder called Shit My Dad Sends.

  • No kidding!

  • Maybe you should try reading a quality newspaper or 3 or 4, instead of getting your political education from a snarky satirist.

    Taking a test should be a requirement to vote, not watching comedy central, if it were less than 10% of the population would ever see the inside of a voting both.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    And yet you fail to correct anything I've said.

  • He does the same thing on the Bulls blog he posts on (not mine, thank God)- if you can't handle the message, no matter how true it is, attack the messenger.

    You should be proud, Jenna.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I write comedy (sports comedy. Not as heavy, but still applies) and I have to tell you -- the best comedians are super-educated when it comes to the subjects they satirize. Guys like John Stewart and papers like The Onion are successful because they are smart and know exactly what to go after. You can infer the news from their jokes -- and it's not because it's misinformation -- it's because life IS silly (that's my worldview, at least). I read the regular newspaper, too, and lemme tell ya -- it's not only just as silly, but far more repetitive. If more people as creative as John Stewart, perhaps we wouldn't have more problems than answers.

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    I really appreciated his investigative look into the tax laws Mitt Romney voted for. How else are we supposed to see clips from 2007 where he contradicts himself and gets himself out of paying his income tax? I just love it. That's the kind of work I'm not seeing anywhere else. Jon Stewart is very educated in his topics. You're right, he knows his stuff and knows right where to look.

    Stewart 2016!

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    YEP, exactly. Also, see this article:

  • In reply to Dan Bradley:

    YEP! Also, see this article:

  • Wow, leaving it to Obama to educate your kids. That's where government should be all-right. Except for Obama's kids. They go to a toni private school. Hypocrisy anyone? Drink deep the Kool-Aid.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thank you for reading. I will point out the part of the post that addresses education refers to Ron Paul and my own beliefs as to the role of the government.

    The part of the post that addresses Obama refers to healthcare.

  • Excellent column,Republicans preach morals and values, yet,Newt Gingrich wants to bonk women other than his wife.

  • In reply to According To Jeff:

    Yeah, how are the gays sullying marriage when he's making his rounds around town? "Thou shalt not cheat on all your sick wives with each other." I think that's in there.

    If he weren't running on a family values platform I wouldn't care, by the way.

  • Great Column, Stewart is funny

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