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It took me a year to figure out I was "roofied"

Advice columnist Dear Prudence gave some shaky advice to an alleged rape victim’s friend who is conflicted about the victim changing her story of a drunken encounter. Originally the alleged victim said she had a regrettable one-night-stand then later flip-flopped to rape accusation mode after talking to a crisis line. Dear Prudence and most of... Read more »

Roller Derby for outsiders

Some sort of action
My first exposure to the Roller Derby was last night, thanks to resident sports writer and personal home dog Andy Frye. If you weren’t aware, The Windy City Rollers is a women’s roller derby league , “the number one women’s derby league in Chicago” in fact. Last night’s game was at the UIC and boy... Read more »

Too fat to adopt a baby?

My friend Rachel is in Ethopia right now adopting her new sons. The big brown eyes and footie jams in the picture she posted on Facebook are making my brain nothing but mush. Buh-Stell can’t even walk yet but babies are like pieces of pizza: The first one is inhaled, the second one is savored... Read more »

Watching Jon Stewart should be required to vote

Did anyone catch Jon Stewart last night? He perfectly captures the hypocrisy of Republican politicians. It’s not that it matters that Newt Gingrich was a sleaze to his wives per se. Playboyitis is an equal opportunity affliction when it comes to politicians. See also: Bill Clinton and the spectacle of Weinergate. The problem is when... Read more »

Whiskey Mom would be an awesome show

An avid rock climber in her 9th month of pregnancy has been featured on television harnessed, roped and tackling dangerous heights. Nothing’s going to keep her down! What a badass. How hardcore. Also, as I seem to be alone in thinking, how careless. Jezebel featured the story┬átoday to a chorus of cheers because I guess... Read more »

Groupon says nursing is a "frivolous" reason to decline Botox - UPDATE

You may recall the clock was ticking on a Groupon I bought for Botox, so I declared I was weaning my baby. Her first birthday is coming up and I thought it was time anyway, so I went to work with what I thought would be an easy task. Just start giving her milk and... Read more »

Mean neighbor snitches on a mom's home business

A complaint was launched on EveryBlock yesterday that a Chicago neighbor had had enough with a woman on his block running a haircutting business out of her home. The problem is her clients are clogging up the street parking. They come in droves for home haircuts? “The cars coming to her place is killing parking... Read more »

Only Chicago's toughest rough a blizzard for cabaret

When the first big snow of the year hits Chicago, you know who the real partiers are by looking around the bar. It takes moxie to clomp through a foot of fresh snow for the sake of living life – and bonus points for me for fearlessly displaying a short skirt and scoring a babysitter.... Read more »

When cigarettes were cheaper than food

Do you remember this? Or am I old? When I was in high school you could buy a carton of smokes for $10. That’s ten packs, which is 200 cigarettes – yes, just like the New Year’s Eve movie with Courtney Love which was kind of terrific, all for $10. That was in the wake... Read more »

Stop stalking me on Pinterest

When my friends follow me on Pinterest, I’ll admit, I get a little glow. Sure, I’m just recirculating everything I see on Anthropology, but it’s still flattering. And then there are the friends of friends and new people. Those make me feel important. The glimmer from the homemade play dough recipe I skated from someone... Read more »