Ridiculous: Chicago dad facing child abuse charges

As you may have heard, a local Chicago dad, Andre Curry, was playing with his daughter and posted a picture to Facebook of her bound and gagged with duct tape. The photo went viral and he is now facing charges of child abuse and fines of $100,000 over what is clearly an event taken out of context. He has also been barred from contact with his 22-month old daughter as well as all other people under the age of 18. So basically his life is ruined over a massive misunderstanding.

Look, if he had been punishing the child or the photos had been discovered after child abuse accusations, fine, I can see where the picture would be incriminating. But they were just playing with tape! Big deal, he bound her up and took her picture. Maybe they were playing pirates or something. One time my dad covered my eyes and stuffed a fuzzy dandelion in my mouth. He laughed hysterically as I choked and spit. Big deal!

Look, it’s hard enough to find men willing to spend time with their kids and be good fathers these days. Now we’re going to punish them when they play “wrong”? The child was never upset, other family members and friends can vouch for him, so I say leave Andre Curry the hell alone. This poor man’s life is being ruined over absolutely nothing.

Judge Laura Sullivan is weak and just reacting under pressure from a bunch of internet loons. Grow a spine, Judge Laura Sullivan. We don’t pay you to buckle under the court of public opinion.

Also: Get a hobby, Internet.

Man Charged With Duct Taping Daughter, Posting Photos On Facebook

Update On Dad Who Duct Taped Daughter And Posted To Facebook via Chicagoist

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  • I guess we'll never know what really happened because we weren't there. But this is one reason why you shouldn't put "your business" online! What might be a joke to one person might be abusive to another.

    Thanks for looking at the other side of this story, Jenna. He was convicted in my head before I read your take on it. Hell, my dad used to run around the house with scary masks on and chase my brother and I. He even hid under our beds and scar us! To some people that may be abusive or endangering small children. To us it was our weird dad just playing around.

  • In reply to smackaman:

    If being weird were a crime, we'd all be in jail! That child was in no danger nor is her father a threat. Think about the people who put up "decorations" of "dead bodies" falling off the side of the house that are so realistic that 911 is called. There was a woman in that situation the other day. Bad taste? Yes. Weird? Yes. Criminal? No. I'll edit and post the link to that in a sec.

    EDITED: Look at this lady's Christmas decorations. Yes, she could cause an accident as drivers rubber neck to see the fuss or waste municipal resources on erroneous 911 calls that result from it but it just boils down to bad taste, not harm.


  • I'm sorry Jenna, but I couldn't disagree more. For as caring and protective of a mother you seem to be, I really can't believe you feel this way. If you got home and your husband had wrapped duct tape around your beautiful daughters head, legs, and feet and then posted it on Facebook, I find it impossible to believe you would be laughing. I have been a fan of your blog for a long time and I have loved reading your writing. Unfortunately this seems to me a ploy to get your blog some attention again. I am surprised (after reading all the drama with the bathroom incident at your daughters school) that you would chose not to be an advocate for this little girl as you are for your own daughter.

  • In reply to Kelsbels18:

    Laughing? No way. This was in horrible taste. But bad taste and the law are two different things. That child was in no real danger, nor was there intent of harm.

  • In reply to Kelsbels18:

    Seeing as how the dad and daughter were having fun with this, and he was not abusing her, Jenna *is* being an advocate for the girl. You think separating her from her dad and persecuting him is acting in her interest? On what planet?

    That makes no more sense than filing charges against the parents of a kid dressed up in a halloween costume that included a fake noose around their neck.

    I don't get what you think your point is.

  • In reply to hopelesscase:

    Thank you. This family needs their dad, not a witch hunt.

  • Two years ago my husband and son were joking around and at some point a picture was taken of my husband holding in one outstretched arm our then ~ 4 - 5 month old daughter upside down by one leg. His hair was all crazy and he was wearing ( there is no nice way of putting this ) a wife beater and he kinda looked insane. Bebe was serenely sucking on her paci and was obviously in no distress. I thought the picture was hilarious and posted it on Facebook. It immediately got tons of comments from friends and family who also thought it was funny. But there was one killjoy who had to make the child abuse comment and bring all the fun to a screeching halt. Down came the picture, b!t€h face got deleted and I was reminded of how careful modern parents have to be. It's sad and it makes angry when I find myself frightening to take a cute bath tub picture or the like because my kid is naked. But my God, if it gets I the wrong hands and a false acusation is made and I lost my kids? I feel sick at the thought of it. I feel bad for this guy and family.

  • In reply to code14j:

    Amen. Did you hear about those parents who lost their kids for two years because of bath photos? I've never taken one for that reason and it's a shame.

  • fb_avatar

    Not sure how I feel about this one. It's hard without actually knowing the guy and even the the nicest seeming people can turn out to be real creeps. One thing is clear he's not very bright. What he wrote bothers me a lot. When my baby hits back would imply that she was hit and didn't just hit someone. So that makes the supposed joke a lot less funny to me. Also as young as she is I can't see that she would understand that this is supposed to be funny. But hard to tell from a picture. I think it would have been less shocking if he has just wrapped the tape loosely around her and not made her look like a victim. Does he deserve to be told he can never see his daughter or be around kids over it? No. At least not if thats the only thing he's supposed to have done. But yes he needs some kind of parenting and judgment classes. I've heard much more horriffic stories where the parents only had to attend parenting classes. I've heard more abusive stories from friends who really didn't consider it abuse so much as bad judgement or a bad day on their parents part.

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