Kill the term "mommy blogger" please

Hi there, I’m a mother. I write a blog. I write a blog about topics that relate to parenting. What does that mean in the scope of the (groan) blogosphere? Oh, a mommy blog. Did you just fall asleep and reach to click on your email? WAIT! I also write about crime and couches and Science and sexism! I’m a city lady of varied interests who does a little good and little bad and gets embroiled in scandal. Still bored? Well, then call me whatever you want. But seriously, my eyes kind of side dagger people who call me a “mommy blogger”.

First of all, I wretch at the word “mommy”. Sure, my children call me that but they are infant girls. You are not an infant and you certainly did not pop out of my vagina (or did you? HEY-O!) so please do not call me a “mommy”. I am an adult woman who happens to have children and the proclivity to write on the Internet.

The term “mommy blogger” is also dismissive. Blogging is the z-list of media to begin with, but I’ve noticed the sub-genre of mommy blogs are seen as a yammering hen house comprised of pampered, yoga-panted women with too much time on their hands. While that may be true in some cases (do not judge my pants!) it’s not exactly fair. Tech blogs, gossip blogs, news blogs and the like are respected as citizen journalism, so why not female-written blogs that focus on parenting?

Equally confusing is why “mommy blogs” are dismissed in the first place. Heather Armstrong, who catapulted to fame after getting fired for blogging and then going public with her postpartum depression, was #26 on Forbes Most Influential Women In Media list. Chicago Now’s own blog star  Nicole Knepper brings in substantial traffic and has nearly 200,000 Facebook fans. That means revenue and exposure. Obviously someone is interested!

Oh well. Someone in the comments the other day called me a “funny looking MILF” so I guess “mommy blogger” ain’t that bad.



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  • Meh, as long as my PR and Alexa are stable it doesn't matter what you call me, I've still got link juice that companies want and are willing to pay for.

  • In reply to Erinclot:

    Good point - "mommy blogger" is probably a marketing term for you because your blog is a business. Even though I do get paid, mine is more of an outlet.

  • I don't know that I'd say it's a marketing term. I don't think it can be found anywhere in my media kit or my about me page. I'm mom, I blog, I sometimes blog about mom things. If someone wants to call me a mom blogger- they can go right ahead. If they want to call me a lifestyle blogger or a special needs blogger they can do that too. I think anyone who gets paid for blogging- whether it's as an outlet (which I consider mine) or a place to opine on the latest headlines or to list 9 gajillion affiliate links, is in the biz. There is room for everyone. I'm guessing there will always be the plea to get rid of the "mom blogger" label, but it's probably here to stay. For what it's worth, I file you under "lifestyle blogger" in my reader. (Also: Sugar Mama bloggers)

  • In reply to Erinclot:

    Lifestyle blogger - I like it!

  • I don't mind being called a mom blogger as there are some amazing and inspirational of them out there.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    True, I just feel so pigeonholed by that term. Ironically though, I can't wait to be a "cougar"!

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