Just do good things! That's it! Also maybe shave your head. [CORRECTED]

Target is my mecca. You know this. I’m there like three times a week letting the kids burn off adrenaline in the toy aisle and soaking up the free paper towels. Those are free, right?

When I have “me time” (phrases that need to die!) I choose to mosey the aisles solo during that fleeting hour between bedtime and when Target kicks me out. I just wander with an empty cart at the pace of a thirsty llama. Occasionally I score a deal. The other day I snagged some after-season Christmas pajamas at 40% off. Yay planning for next year!

Then I got sad. Buying jams at the end of the season will now always remind me of a pretty little girl named Donna. Her mom, Sheila, a real firecracker of a lady who always seems to be wearing some kind of rad poncho, lost baby Donna to cancer when she was around Bee’s age. One of the more poignant moments in telling Donna’s story was when Sheila mentioned losing it at Old Navy during their end-of-season sale. You see, Donna wasn’t going to need deal pajamas next year because she was going to die.

[Allow me to compose myself.]

[This will take a minute.]

ANYWAY, as I was saying it is really fucking tragic to lose a child. I can’t say I’d ever be able to crawl out of bed again if one of my precious girls weren’t here to drive me crazy. But! There’s a little something you can do to keep Donna’s light shining in the world.

You can:

a) Be inspired by Donna’s story to do any act of goodness of your own choosing, then report about it here. (If it feels like tooting your own horn, use an alias.) The spirit of Donna’s Good Things is to put more good in the world because Donna lived. So do Good!

b) Shave your head. On March 24th Donna’s Good Things will be hosting a St. Baldrick’s event at Candlelite in Chicago to benefit pediatric cancer research. You can volunteer as a participant or donate.

Let’s try to make a world where every mom can snag dealy pajamas with glee because their children will all live to see another season.



This just in – Mary Tyler Mom aka Donna’s mom in fact does not even wear ponchos. In my mind she looks like this:


But apparently the ponchos are just a result of my mind goggles mixed with booze. Carry on.

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