In defense of insufferable matching sister dresses

I see you pulling out the shank eye because my kids are matching again. Maybe your mother made you wear the same outfit as your sister growing up and you hated it or maybe you were part of a 90’s girl band and are, like, so over coordinating get-ups. But let me tell you, my kids will match each other until they have enough muscle mass to physically restrain me. BUT WHY MOM? Why must they match? Here’s why.

1. I know what I’m looking for in a crowd. These two are mobile and can buzz off in different directions. If I can scan the area for purple shirts and striped tights whizzing past I can nab them quicker. Consider it like a prison uniform, but way cuter.


Tough crap, kid.

2. Faster exodus in the morning. If I curse my children with matchy-matchiness, it means I only have to coordinate one outfit instead of two. Throw in the fact I wear the same jeans* every day and I’m lucky if I don’t sleep in my shirt, we’re talking about only 90 minutes to get out of the house. Don’t you wish it took you only 90 minutes to get out the door to run to Jewel? Be jealous!


Get there fast, mama!

3. So adorable. I mean so adorable! Right?! Matching sister dresses are always and on every occasion super extremely cute.


Not creepy at all!

4. It’s economical. What’s this? You thought buying new clothes for the second baby was against some sort of pact we all made when the economy went south? Wrong! What you do is buy clothes for the older baby to match the hand-me-down. Brilliant, no? Stella wore Bee’s old santa dress to a party last week and Bee wore a brand new santa dress. Instant matching sister!

When I do buy a new set for them both, I buy a third of the item in a way bigger size so that later, Stella can wear the 2T and Bee can match in the biggest dress. SEE? I’m so frugal! Now all I have to do is have a third baby so that little size doesn’t go to waste. That would be a shame.

5. It’s art. As a stay-at-home-mom, my mind is kind of on auto-pilot. It’s not like I can stretch a canvas or throw a lump of clay on a wheel between play group and Dora, but what I can do is style up my kids. Of course ten minutes after I have everyone’s giant hair flowers in place they fall apart at the seams and scream at each other but art is always in flux.

Make a moody face, babies! It’s ART!

*I graduated from yoga pants to jeans! APPLAUSE!


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  • It IS art! Although girls will always have cuter clothes than boys, I still have a large amount of matching t-shirts for my boys:) Right now the oldest digs it (last night he intentionally peed in his pj's so he could have a new pair to match his brother). But I know this is not going to last for much longer. So I say enjoy it! We mommas put up with a lot and we have to get our kicks somewhere!

  • In reply to zoomama:

    Thank you! Validation! These kids keep my back sore and my eyelids droopy, the least they can do is allow me the INSANE pleasure I get from dressing them.

    People kind of throw me the stink eye and make little snide comments to me all the time about their coordination, but in this case, I just got let the haters hate because I love it too much!

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