Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Your boobs will be fine!

I think of baby-having as an arc. From the positive pregnancy test to weaning, the arc, for me, lasts just over a year and a half. It’s not an arc of all joy. To be brutally honest, it’s an arc of suffering.

First you get the test and all that’s happening are two lines on a paper. Big deal. But then you get sick. I suppose it’s only for a few hours a day, but then you get sicker and bigger and BIGGER and SICKER and the crescendo is birth. (Yes, fine, birth is “magical” and whatnot, but it’s not without pulled muscles and stitches.)

Right next to that keystone of suffering is beginning to breastfeed. It sucks! But hey, in your darkest hour in those first few days you can think “I’m on the other side of the Arc Of Suffering!” And you are. Congratulations, everything is about to be gravy! Well. Except for your body, which will never recover and you are doomed to a life of cankles and veiny watermelon breasts.

Just kidding!

Guess what, Arc of Suffering Sufferers? Your breasts can go completely back to normal. I know it seems like a myth, but it is really, really true that your breasts can be exactly as they were before having children. Not to get personal (who am I kidding?) my ta-tas are none worse for the wear after breastfeeding a lifetime total of 20 months and counting. For reals! Sure, I’ll never wear a bikini again but if you keep your eyes in the northern hemisphere, I ain’t too shabby!

So be not afraid, my vain sisters. Feed that child with gusto and when you reach the end of the rainbow, you’ll look just fine in a push up bra.

Get it mama!

No for reals, get that bra at Hot Milk Lingerie.

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  • We can't forget about the boobs! Thanks for joining ;)

  • In reply to Erinclot:

    I saw this and thought it sounded fun! Thanks for putting it on! Am I supposed to do anything else? I never did a blog hop.

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