Suspended IL teachers: The Masturbater vs. Daily Show Dude

Why hello there, Illinois parent! What with so many Illinois teachers suspended for bad behavior, it’s getting downright confusing to keep up with it all. Good thing I’m here with a rescue guide to keep the facts about a few of them from muddling together in our brains.

1. Paul LaDuke, a 75-year-old Christian school teacher (and ordained minister) was suspended nine days ago for sexual exploitation of a child.

Location: Schaumburg, IL

Crime: Oh, just masturbating behind the podium while teaching middle schoolers for possibly the past 10 years.

The whistleblower: A student who observed him being a dirty old man, then told another teacher, prompting investigation

Punishment: paid suspension.

Bad masturbating-math-teacher joke: “He wanted to take Pi all the way!” I know, such an obtuse comment, but hopefully you can cosine it anyway.

2. Rhett Felix was also suspended in Illinois this week for showing clips of the Daily Show to his Government class.

Location: Eureka, IL

Crime: Upsetting the conservative community by showing clips about a health insurance discussion from the GASP!!! liberal media

Punishment: six days suspension

The whistleblower: The town Mayor’s nephew. Basically an entitled young relative of Eureka, IL’s elected mayor felt like having a little power play with a first-year teacher. I mean really, how dare an educator show both sides of a current political issue?

Note for those seeking to relocate within the Chicagoland area: stay the hell out of Eureka.

What we have here are two men, suspended from their teaching jobs in Illinois receiving the same punishment. One of them has been exploiting children for his own sexual gratification while teaching and the other one showed a clip of a television show to prompt discussion of a topical issue.

Wow, Illinois, you are so fair! Oh well. At least the teacher who bullied the special education student  then put on paid leave was from New Jersey.


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  • Not surprising about Eureka. That's Reagan land.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Well, his legacy is certainly alive because congress decided pizza sauce is a vegetable last week.

  • Wow, not really sure you did any research on the Eureka suspension. The teacher was fired not for playing the Daily Show, but for the particular segment that was shown. Most of the articles link to the clips where Stewart makes a couple pizza jokes about the Cain sexual harassment...."Can I stick my sausage in your pie", "Guaranteed to come in 30 minutes or less". Not really a liberal vs conservative thing...

  • In reply to Cubsfan85:

    The crux of argument against Felix was that it was a conservative community in which some households didn't even have televisions. The discussion was about health care, but there were other segments of the show in there. Big deal. There's nothing on television that shouldn't be suited to that age group. It's not like that's all he shows in his class.

  • The fact is, had those segments with the sexually inappropriate material not been included in the daily show clip he would not have been suspended. You are claiming the school district suspended him for trying to "prompt discussion" when that simply is not the case. That fact that this is even a story is beyond me. Had I shown these same clips in a work environment I would likely be fired or suspended, and that is around adults and not 15 year olds.

  • In reply to Cubsfan85:

    "Inappropriate" is a matter of opinion and you are certainly entitled to yours.

  • Does this thing work?

  • Yikes! I can't get over that Schaumburg guy. Between bullies and creepy teachers I think I need to put all career aspirations aside and homeschool my child until he leaves for college.

  • There's all kinds of terrible things that happen at home too (not yours, just saying). Like did you hear about the lady who raped her baby?! I have zero words for it. Confusion, then resignation from the human race. I won't even link it, it's that terrible.

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