Silly Cosmo, muzzles are not for people - UPDATED

Earlier today we imagined TLC’s Sister Wives flipped around to the male equivalent, “Brother Husbands” with uproarious results*. Now let’s examine the November issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine with the cover teaser “Sh*t My Guy Says – Where’s a muzzle when you need one?”

Really, Cosmo? A muzzle? This kind of cavalier dehumanization of men is invisible until someone points it out. Of course we all know how I was led to this perspective, but damn if some of those guys don’t have a point. Please, publishers, treat people like people.

Can you imagine this headline about a woman? Just try to muzzle me, bitch! I’m a newly confirmed feminist but that means I’m equally against non-muzzling for both genders.

*uproarious = exactly one commenter forced out a lolz and only because she’s in my play group.

UPDATE: Jezebel is now covering this story.

UPDATE II: And I can solve their mystery as to who is making a stink at the grocery stores selling Cosmo. Someone taking action about this is a Mississippi State University student named Ben and I’ll let him tell it in his own words. (Stick around for his amazing guitar action at the end!)

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    That plus "Is being too nice holding you back?" make for one bitchy-looking magazine lol.

  • In reply to Holly:

    Yeah, and the model is snarling. Do not want!

  • I'll take her....oh wait, are we talking about the magazine?

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