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Joe Paterno: Good Riddance

At some level I feel for Joe Paterno who was dismissed after this week’s┬áscandal at Penn State wherein he chose to protect “Penn State’s brand instead of a child” when it became clear he had knowledge of sexual abuse against young boys perpetrated by a man under his authority. After all, this was quite a... Read more »

A can of tuna is not a gift. Don't be a terrible giver.

Every year the snow begins to fall and my friend Michelle and I gather ’round a spiked cinnamon beverage while doing terrible crafts . . . Gingerbread house, 2010 . . . and lean in for the annual telling of The Time She Got A Six Pack For Christmas. It’s a tradition. Then I found... Read more »

How to hide from stalkers

I was bored on my phone during Bee’s dance class and an option to “check-in” to the dance center popped up on my screen. All I had to do was click. Boom, done. But what was the point of that? So my Facebook friends from high school can identify with my tedious morning? To brag... Read more »