ALERT! Old person learning the Twitter

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After a swell Chicago Now jam session at the Tribune Tower last night (in the basement, where they keep the bloggers) a few lessons were learned.

1. People found out I am not as tall in person as I seem on my blog. Crap. I’ll go ahead and ruin the ruse for you too. I’m 5’2″ and 125 pounds. Being me is like living amongst giants. But my mouth! So big! It’s confusing! See also: Napoleon.

2. In order to be a blog wizard, you have to work the Twittermajig. SIGH. Fine. I tried this a time or two before, but it always felt like I was texting myself in a vacuum. But I’m back up on that hoss and you may chuckle at my hilarity here. Since I have like two followers (thanks bosses!) I’m bound to be a sensation.

3. Don’t fight with commenters something something think before you pop off something something don’t get yourself on a registry.

In all it was a fine evening and they even gave me a cookie to eat. See? STILL EMPLOYED.


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  • Hey Jenna! I am so avoiding the twitter thing! Trust me, I'm a lot older than you! I know, I know, it promotes the blog, but I spend so much time on the laptop as it is and I don't have a smart phone and blah, blah, blah! I have an account but never use it. I got 2 emails saying I had followers and one turned out to bogus. Oh well. Keep us informed. ;-)

  • In reply to siblingless:

    I keep getting "horny sex-loving lady for chats" following me. I assume this means they are marketing exfoliant cream and enjoy gender issue debates?

  • Just wait. The "life coaches" are more abundant on Twitter than "never done this before horny coed girls who want to meet you" on MySpace.

  • I just got a follower that said something I can't repeat here. I reported him. Isn't it bad enough we have to trash/spam/ban people here? ;-)

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Sounds like you got a Twatter. Ban!

    Edit: Tweetbag?

  • This is not enticing me, an even older person learning the twittermahoojie, to follow in your footsteps any further!

  • In reply to Julie:

    Okay, I feel like my tweets are like when a granny sends an email. You know, either ten feet long or it's a forward? There's a culture to the Twittermahoo! Maybe we can figure this out together.

    1. I lost a follower already. What?? Was it my reply to Ashton Kutcher that maybe he's not such a bad guy?

    2. Yes I have been drinking tonight.,

    3. Is anyone actually reading these, or is this an experiment in the human ego? Why does Twitter exist?

    4. Why do some of the trending . . . hashtags (?) not have # before them? Do you really need the # or is it like dialing 1 before an 800-number and therefore not necessary? Mysterious!

    5. How do you get more followers? Do you want followers? Isn't it a little creepy that you have no control over who "follows" you and yet you're supposed to narrate every detail of your life? ALSO SUSPICIOUS.

    With that, I will say it's kinda fun. MARRY ME ASHTON!!!!

    *I'm already married, but you and Niko can totally be brother-husbands

  • Love the title of this post.

  • Jenna, Good luck! And a well-placed use of the word "twittermajig"...nicely done.

  • Love your title. During the basement pow-wow, I could only think of my late 95 year old grandmother when my sister put an I-phone in her hand. This Twitter thing does what? Tweet deck? #???

    Good luck and I'll join you soon (hopefully).

  • fb_avatar

    Ooo, do I sense a Brother Husbands reality show in the future? I'd definitely watch that.

  • In reply to Holly:

    Ick I would not, lol! One too many toilet seats up in that household!

  • Twitter does not bother me; however, I am not wanting the whole Google+ thing to take off. I have a hard enough time keeping up with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • In reply to David W. Quinn:

    That's exactly what I said the heck do you keep up on Twitter, have a FB page, I'm not going to create a Google+ branding page for my tiny little blog. Successful folks said you need to just try and find the time.

  • In reply to STS Chicago:

    I think it boils down to your ambition. I'd love to get a book deal, but my blog "brand" is not going to eclipse my dedication to my family and the non-profit work I do. So for me, right now, it's bare bones Facebooking and a few tweets a day.

    If you're looking to be a real blog star maybe Google + is something to invest your time in?

  • You brought up a good point (er sorry for the 6 hour delay): am I looking to be a blog star? Are any of us in bit for 15 minutes? Hmmm... for me I think I created my own little blogocity here, my own little piece of virtual real estate. If people want to come visit great, if not I'm cool with that too. Very interesting stuff.

  • In reply to STS Chicago:

    We certainly have an opportunity here with CN. Look at the reach!

    One time I posted about a German restaurant here in Chicago that makes a specialty cake called Baumkuchen. The oven required for that is only one of only three in the United States and went out of production in the 1950's.

    Dude. An hour later I had a comment from a guy in Germany who happened to have that exact oven if anyone needed one. I mean, is that guy sitting in a watch tower 24/7 staring at his Google alert for Baumkuchen ovens (Hi Franz, if you're reading this!) but still. I could never rise to the top of Google if I had put that on blogspot!

    WIth that comes power. You can also make people VERY angry. You have to write as if the whole world is reading, because for better or worse, they are.

  • I'll have to remember to incorporate that word into an entry. Maybe "To Baumkuchen or not Baumkuchen?" LOL! Just kidding. Let's see if Chris Brogan will Google+ an article on Baumkuchens. ;)

  • So I guess this explains your tweet the other day ;)

  • In reply to Erinclot:

    Which tweet? I don't remember half of what I say, I've just been having fun on there.

  • You just responded to a tweet last weekend. At first I was all "Yea! Someone I kind of know from the board!" and then I was like "Oh- probably just a one-off fluke." Twitter isn't everyone's bag.

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