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A heartwarming tale of slutoween past

I debated telling this story publicly, but what the hell. Given the happenings of the last few weeks it’s apropos. One halloween in college, I went to a costume party the theater kids were throwing. Those were always fun. There was usually so much stunting you didn’t have to do the work of carrying conversations.... Read more »

The Marty party - bottoms up for the park!

Me and my home moms, (mom dogs?) drankin' "parktinis"
A huge 7-foot-tall thank you to Marty (seriously, dude is Paul Bunyon) of Marty’s Martini Bar today for hosting The Friends Of West Edgewater Park fundraiser today. You know those handful of blissful, perfect summer nights we had this year? Well the park board I’m on has a knack for scheduling meetings on those nights,... Read more »

It's getting old, radical activists.

I’m still being pelted by comments about this preschool potty issue (quick update if you need one: I blogged about my request to my daughter’s preschool that she not be assisted in the bathroom stall by volunteer dads and cited a now-disputed statistic from the Abel and Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study 2001, revised 2002,... Read more »

Children are people too!

“You need to starve that one and fatten the other one up.” My friend and I were sitting at a restaurant this morning when a geriatric voice came from behind us passing judgement on my two baby girls in their stroller. The one he suggested I “starve” is all of 17 pounds and eight months... Read more »

The Elf On The Shelf: Cool or Creepy?

I’m sure I’m the last to hear of this thing, but apparently it’s all the rage to place a toy elf, well, on a shelf and in other spots each night and set him up for pranks. The story goes that he’s keeping tabs on you and reporting back to Santa betwixt bouts of mischief... Read more »

What's a mangina?

Dick. Prick. Boob. The p-word. Have you ever noticed the highest way to insult a person is to call them by sexual organs? Some guy cuts another one off in traffic: dick. A guy says something offensive: prick. Someone makes a social blunder: boob. It’s just part of our culture that the lowest thing you could possibly be... Read more »

Apology to Men's Rights Activists - UPDATED

Edited – This post was written under extreme duress when I was being threatened and harassed by the MRA community. While the post is true, it is also fair to include that I was afraid for my safety and for that of my daughters when I wrote it. I have since moved from my home.... Read more »

Your face is your logo

Sixty years ago, half of all babies’ names fell in the top ten most popular category. That is to say there were a lot of Johns and Marys. Even in 1986 there were five Jennifers in my Kindergarten class. But now, parents are getting more “youneek” with the spelling and reach of the baby names... Read more »

Do nerd parents have nerd babies? Great.

Bookworms in matching outfits are totally rad!
I was inspired by the Cheaper than Therapy article the other day about parents being the root of a child’s popularity. It makes sense. If the parents are encouraging party-throwing and text-message-plan-having then they are contributing to their child’s social finesse. But there’s got to be something to natural likeability. And is the inverse true... Read more »

Chicago's new mom salon has a babysitting service - Come, judge my feet

I take my kids everywhere. Grocery store, bank, hair salon. If I go, they go. This isn’t because I’m a stinky hippy, it’s because I have a husband who works 80 hours a week and if I want food, money or Stepford porn hair I have to bring my circus with me. Usually it’s cool.... Read more »