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Baby name rage

Don’t even talk to me right now. I’m in a rage. This calls for espresso. The boy name I have had picked out through two girl pregnancies is popping up on all these stupid baby name websites. I only know this because a homie of mine is due any second and always forwards me the... Read more »

Five minute vegetarian enchiladas - I'm an inventor!

I invented something huge. Beast. They’re gonna name new elements after me once this gets out*. I’m not sure how familiar you are with making enchiladas, but it involves frying corn tortillas, stuffing them, and baking the whole mess in enchilada sauce covered in cheese. That is a lot of work. Plus clean up of... Read more »

Fall! Time to brush up on your table manners

A little secret of table manners is it doesn’t matter what fork you use. The salad fork is smaller because the course is lighter, but unlike actual manners, the proper fork has nothing to do with peoples’ feelings. So go ahead and look as foolish as you want using the wee spoon to stir your... Read more »

How to be married: Don't have other dudes over

No, you may not have any freaking lemonade, homes.
Okay, this is going to be half public service announcement and half opinion (aka troll bait). Maybe I’ll make it a series. Who knows! Anyway, here’s the big news: Married ladies do not host men in their homes without their husbands present. This is a Rule of The Duh, why must I spell this out? Clearly it... Read more »

Second Baby Syndrome is tragic

Second Baby Syndrome is on the rise among experienced parents who have a hard time giving a crap about milestones and minor coughs. This tragedy affects one out of two children in households with little sisters. Educate yourself! While a first child in a family is guarded and observed 24 hours a day, receiving organic... Read more »

And now for a REAL wunderkind!

Sure, maybe she phoned in the elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist, but it’s still catchy. Without further comment, here is a Gucci-Gucci baby to entertain us all and teach us a lesson. Save your money, don’t spend it on junk food!  

Your baby is not that amazing. Wait 'till you meet Tavi.

Someone born in 1996 is a legit fashion writer, appearing in the New York Times and recognized by Vogue. (Don’t you feel so accomplished? Me too!) Her name is Tavi Gevinson and she started a fashion blog in 2008 at the age of 11 and sprung to another level of fame this month by being... Read more »