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Is email for old people?

I don’t hang around a lot of kids. Well, I suppose all I do is hang around kids, but they are under three years old and think I’m rad. But being just out of my 20’s myself and married to an, ahem, “man of distinction” means that whole 18-25 crowd isn’t on my radar. What... Read more »

That's it. I'm taking issue with "Adult Babies"

Baby Stella puts less diapers in the landfill than some fully-functioning adults!
Did you know this was a thing? On TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” last night they featured an adult who sleeps in a crib, sucks on a binkie, wears huge baby clothes and spends 24 hours a day sitting in pee because “there’s nothing more comfortable than a warm, wet diaper”. Gag. And what is the... Read more »

My toddler wants The Breast Feeding Doll

Back to school sale! Christmas in July! Usually this means I stock up on 65 cent crayon boxes because hey, my kids are babies. They’re happy to tear into anything on Christmas morning so I may as well score some cheap Santa swag when it’s on sale. However, we’ve run into a snag. The Breast... Read more »

Make that baby food, mama!

Some time between four and six months, babies start eating food. Why on earth this was so exciting with my first child is a mystery to me. I used to get all pumped up, mash up my organic produce and treat the whole thing like a holy ritual. Even my flying airplane spoons were an... Read more »

Sit down, Dance Dad

As you may be aware we signed Bee up for dance class. The other kids are taller and seem to have relatives who shoo them into the dance world before they are conceived, but us? We just show up on Saturdays and try not to pee anywhere. The reason I signed her up is to... Read more »

The pitfalls of being funny

I was at a meeting last night where I asked an earnest financial question and the room erupted in laughter. I didn’t get it. No seriously, guys, what percentage will the lender require upfront? More laughter. “This girl wants to make a DEAL!” one squealed and eventually the room died down and someone else asked... Read more »

Babies are like tattoos. And Pringles.

Once you pop, you can't stop.
So it’s no secret around here I had a baby four months ago (or was it five – who can keep up?) which means I’m getting plenty of sleep, lost all the weight and have an adorable, non-mobile baby. It’s the sweet spot. So sweet, in fact, my crazy brain wants another one. (You: how... Read more »