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Damn you, calorie counter. I'm hungry!

[NOTE! Anyone looking for this blog, the URL got changed once Chicago Now went to WordPress. Click here to go to the correct site and update your bookmark accordingly. Thank you good day.]   Dammit. I’m out of calories for today and I’m hungry. I hate you, My Fitness Pal. You have an answer for... Read more »

Meal train etiquette - the rules of giving

There was a death on our block and it reminded me of a topic I’ve been dying to write about – meal train etiqeutte. Wait. Was there an awkward pun in there? Maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. When someone has a baby, loses a loved one, has surgery or gets an unfortunate haircut, something... Read more »

Gwillikers! Is commenter Gwill getting his own blog?

As the Chicago Now community has long known, there is a certain glow to getting zinged by gwill, the notorious blog commenter responsible for some of the finest gems in all of blog commentary. Observe.  On a naked bike ride: “Whenever hipsters and perverts unite an angel gets its wings”  On a mob of angry lactating... Read more »

Daddy vs. Rooster

You know how people look like animals? (Mariah Carey has always reminded me of a koala.) Well in honor of Father’s day, we’re going to compare my husband to a rooster.  1. Has coiffed hair, pointy feet. You think I’m mean because I say this. You are wrong! It’s just a fact! He spends a... Read more »

The Lazy Lady's Guide To Potty Training An Evil Genius

The Lazy Lady's Guide To Potty Training An Evil Genius
I don’t read parenting books. I tried to during my first pregnancy but it just seemed like an invention to make moms feel like crap. “If your baby cries, you suck! Breast feeding is a joy right from the first second!” Etcetera, all lies. So I got lazy and never picked up another book Armed... Read more »

Bumped up - UPDATED, see the receipts!

There were two camps at my neighbors’ BBQ today –  the hosts’ co-workers (urban, childless and fabulous who collect actual paychecks and think Andersonville is the suburbs) and the group I fall into, the block moms whose annual income covers the household orange juice budget.  Kids were literally drawing lines to divide us with pastel... Read more »

Free school for the whole universe! Word.

Potty training muckin’ up your road trip plans? Kids chapping your ass about having to sit in their stroller? Broken glass salting your day at the city beach? Solution –  Stay home and learn calculus!  Thanks to a giver named Salman Khan, who quit his high-paying corporate gig to start a free school for the... Read more »

Quit crying and just get a new beer, hipsters!

Quit crying and just get a new beer, hipsters!
When the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer company changed owners last year, a flock of executives responsible for the successful grass-roots marketing that put the company’s beer in the pale, sad hands of hipsters everywhere, flew the coup. Not only did they quit under the new management, whose only crimes were to do whatever they wanted... Read more »

UPDATE! Images from the DeKalb nurse-in

Apparently the nurse-in held outside a shop in DeKalb whose owner, John Rapp, incurred the wrath of local lactating mamas when he refused to allow a nursing mother feed her child in his store Tuesday, was a success. Over 40 people RSVP’ed to the event and by the looks of things, they showed up. Curiously... Read more »

Believe in your boobs? Head to a "nurse-in" in DeKalb!

There’s about to be a show down folks. A suburban shop owner is under fire for violating Illinois law and offending the breast feeding masses by ordering a customer to stop feeding her child in his store or vamoose on Tuesday. John Rapp, owner of No Strings Attached, a resale shop located in downtown DeKalb... Read more »