Why it's okay to buy $200 pants

In today’s edition of “not to be all” we’re going to make fun of Gywneth Paltrow for a sec. So let’s get started. Not to be all Gwyneth Paltrow, but you really should be buying your jeans at a fancy boutique and not looking at price tags. I know, you probably scored some great leggings at Target for $8 and you wear your hair in a mom bun 80% of the week (and by “you” I mean “me”), but hear me out. 

You deserve good jeans. You just do. They make your butt look like you work out and they double as dress pants since the most we ever dress up is to drink wine at BYO Thai places down the block. Ammaright?
And if you love them, you will wear them. Sure, say you pay $200 but you wear them every day for two years. That’s like 50 cents per wear. Can you say the same about all that sale stuff in your closet you never wore? I can think of a certain long white dress I wore exactly once. Not a value!
I had the opportunity to attend the grand reopening of The Denim Lounge Tuesday night and man, did I learn a lot about high waisted jeans. Yes, high waisted mom jeans that don’t look like, well, high waisted mom jeans. They are like the Miracle Bra of pants! Feel skinny, look like a rocker mom. 
I know, I know, the fashion media has been swearing on a come back for high waisters every season for like five years but this time it’s either true or I’m making it true. These are great pants, people. The label is called Red Engine. Get them.
Of course if you are naturally skinny and tall (bitch) or medium and happy with yourself, there are other pants for you at The Denim Lounge. Instead of standing alone under florescent lights crying your eyes out (ME! HELLO! JUST HAD A BABY AND TRYING ON JEANS!) there’s someone there to gently guide you to the right size and brand, then send you to their tailor for free. It’s a win. Even if it’s expensive. 
The last thing I’m going to say about my belief in good jeans is no matter how much you pay, it’s still cheaper than a tummy tuck and therapy. In short, pay for the damn jeans. Coupon yourself to death over canned corn (10 for $10 at Jewel this week!) but let yourself have the pants.
You really do deserve it.
Images via Edenhurst Studio

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  • Just saved the first photo, enlarged it, enhanced it, and currently using it as my desktop background. I was so dumb-struck by the amazing jeans ((butt)) that I replaced my old desktop background of Taj Gibson dunking over Dwayne Wade from Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. That's pretty impressive.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I'll speak for the butt owner . . . Something like that would probably have been offensive before we had kids, but moms take it how it comes.

    I got cat called pushing my double stroller down Peterson recently. Instead of flipping the guy off ala '07, I told everyone the story for two days.

  • In reply to VelvetJinxx:

    Just wanted to adore a nice butt before the world ends tomorrow. That's not too much to ask for before the apocalypse.

  • In reply to gwill:

    No, you're totally confused. The sinners are sticking around for a few more months to enjoy summer with the devil and THEN we die our firey deaths in October. It's the core Christians who fly off into the sky tomorrow.

  • In reply to gwill:

    We need to go THERE! :)

  • In reply to mpurkis:

    Melanie I have *nine* pounds until pre-baby weight. I thought about buying the jeans tight, but I'm going to wait another two months so they are perfect. Oh - If we sign up to get their emails, they'll give us 10% off!

  • In reply to VelvetJinxx:

    Ah yeah -- I got to thinking the same thing (about me, not you! LOL) after I posted. I need to lose a bit more weight or at least finish dieting before I invest that much in jeans. Guess I'll just visit the Gap. :)

  • In reply to mpurkis:

    My friend gave me 4 pairs of jeans when she moved back to England and that is what I have been wearing, even though they're loose on me now. I keep saying I am going to buy a decent-fitting pair of non-Mom jeans as soon as I lose all the baby weight. "Baby" is now two so....um...not gonna happen?

  • In reply to christinewhitley:

    That just means you have the green light to spend some money on yourself! Get thee to a boutique!

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