Save The Date! Athiests, Christians spar about Doomsday

What are you doing this Saturday? A little gardening, maybe sleeping in? Ascending to heaven to escape the firey showdown between good and evil? Meh, either way you’ve got a website to turn to. is the official countdown and information site run by a group of Christians who believe Rapture, the Christian precursor to the End Of Days, will occur this Saturday. 
WeCan’ is the Athiest site mocking the believers with a “countdown to backpeddling”.
I’m not sure whose side you’re on, but I suppose you have two days to think about it.
As for me,  all this doomsday stuff about the non-believers burning in hell is what turns a lot of people off to Christianity, by the way. I just don’t respond to threats. However going so far as mocking the Christians with a party is a little rude.
WWJD? Probably go about his business as usual. If you’re about to fly off to heaven, you wouldn’t need to stock up on water and non-perishable food items anyway. Heaven’s got a kitchen.
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  • Ok first off, it's not athiests and Christians that are sparring about this... it's athiests and insane people (and I say this, being a Christian myself). Harold Camping is a false prophet and true Christians know that only God himself knows the date of the Rapture. It's stated very clearly in the bible that no man, not even the Son, knows the mind of God when it comes to this.

  • I joined the post rapture looting event on facebook.

  • The end of the world could really put a damper on my trip out to see you!! LOL

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