Pictures of bride's suicide are gorgeous & interesting

File this under “going to hell” but you’ll agree with me. The pictures from the Associated Press of a suicidal Chinese bride whose fiance left her days before the wedding to marry another woman . . . are nothing short of gorgeous. Yup. There she is dangling out a seventh story window trying to end her life, but man is she ravishing!

A friend and I went to China a few years ago and one thing we noticed right away were the bridal salons. Chinese girls wear the most amazing, sophisticated-yet-frilly dresses when they get married. If you really want something special for your day, fly to Beijing and visit a bridal house. You will look gorgeous even if you wind up covered in runny mascara and the stench of booze. 
See for yourself . . . 
For Wendi – Congrats!

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  • That is wild. At first I thought she had killed herself because of how pale she is, until I reread that it was an attempt. Count me in on going to hell, because I love her dress. And it almost looks like she has wings :o in that first one.

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