Is the HuffPo trying to bury Chicago's own Dan Savage?

In a article today, The Huffington Post revisits 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s Google problem, one that has haunted him since remarks from the Senator comparing homosexuality to bestiality and incest landed him in the hot seat of sex columnist Dan Savage. Savage then motioned a new definition of the word “Santorum” to include “a frothy mixture of lube and fecal material [. . . ]” which hovers at the top of the search machine. Mess indeed.

The problem is that while The Huffington Post has credited Dan Savage with the, err, smear in past articles discussing Rick Santorum’s Google woes, today our beloved columnist isn’t getting the credit. Could the Huffington Post have an agenda to use their media saturation power to wash Rick Santorum’s Google problems away by not mentioning Dan Savage when discussing his Google issue? They did after all hint of such a thing in February.

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