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Like duh. Vacuum your refrigerator.

Want to impress people at your next cocktail party? Forget those boring ass tales of your trek through Costa Rica. And no one cares about your dumm German car and it’s fancy toolery. (Quick fact in case that does happen to interest you: the Volkswagen Jetta’s 2.5 engine is actually the Lamborghini V10 cut in... Read more »

Move over Rebecca Black, hate on Jenna Rose. Or her parents.

You know all that stuff I said about that 13-year-old kiddie singer being mass bullied? She warmed my heart because she is so sweet and wholesome, but I have a 12-year-old I’m ready to throw to the dogs. Ready for it? This kid is TWELVE.  Her name is Jenna Rose and she scandalous! Wow, I... Read more »

$72 Soup - UPDATED!

Can I tell you the tale of my $72 soup? I bought a huge container of organic dried beans on a whim awhile back. Nay for those purdy waffles the other day, I’ve been on a cooking strike lately and to justify my existence this morning I figured I’d whip up some soup. Enter, the... Read more »

My evil genius hates me and she's pretty good with crayons

Woah. I was making the craft supplies for the play group I teach which amounted to 50 stencils of an outline of a human head where the kids are supposed to make self portraits. Come on, they’re two, like anything more than some scribbles and drool are going to come out of this right? To keep... Read more »

Let me see that Donkey-DonKEE! Bugaboo party don't stop.

You will recall I went a little nuts with excitement about Bugaboo’s double stroller coming out this spring. Hold your donkies, it’s not here yet, but it will be in April and I happened to get my hands all over one fer some inspectin’. Monday night I had the opportunity to attend a launch party... Read more »

Mmmmm, these waffles will make you fat!

But who cares, it’s Sunday. I inherited a waffle iron a few years ago and it marinated, forgotten, in a dusty confection on the floor of my pantry until the hubs went on a cleaning streak. It was unearthed and stared at for two weeks before I got brave enough to make waffles. It ain’t... Read more »

Leave Rebecca Black ALooOOooooNE!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of this chick Rebecca Black and the viral You Tube video of her singing a song called Friday. Her parents apparently paid $2,000 to get the song and video made in an attempt to get her discovered in the music industry ala Justin Bieber. Then the hate began. Not... Read more »

I outfoxed a toddler. Yay for me!

I have to make this quick because I need to keep an eye on my adversary, a two-year-old with a mind like a sniper. She’s up to her old tricks again. You know, the ones where she slaps her sister? Now she’s added claws to the mix and poor little Stella’s eyeballs are not safe... Read more »

Lefty baby - "Handedness" not apparent until after age two?

When my first daughter was about six months old she seemed to be grabbing for things with her left hand. In true first-time-mom fashion I let out a yelp. Left handed? Was my baby left-handed? Tragedy! Lefties are more accident prone! The world was made for righteys! She’d have to use the weird scissors in... Read more »

New obsession: Turkish EVERYTHING

One cool thing about our family is it’s pretty multicultural. We skipped Communion at our wedding because we didn’t want to bore our guests, a smattering of individuals representing six religions and nearly as many countries of origin. We have so many accents and customs coming together that our Thanksgiving table looks like a meeting... Read more »