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The tall kid on Fresh Beat Band is HOT!

What? I’m surviving on three broken hours of sleep a day and using Nick Jr. as a babysitter while I nurse, keep the living room from becoming a smoking crater and dissuade my toddler from poking holes in her sister’s face. (That doctor kit Santa brought that includes a hammer? Not a brilliant idea in... Read more »

This is the best due date I ever had!

Ever since that second pink line showed up last June, I’ve been thinking about February 17th. I was fully prepared to weigh ten tons today and still be pregnant for a week, but guess what? I have an 8 day old infant and I’ve lost 20 pounds. Boom.  Sure, my nether regions are a CODE... Read more »

This diaper bag is the boss!

Dude, I feel like I found a unicorn. Over two years of being a mother and do you know, I have never actually used a diaper bag? Well. I bought a few, like the Bugaboo messenger bag to match my single stroller (mistake – it’s still in my closet with the tags in case I... Read more »

Babies playing chess! UPDATE - I'm in labor

Since it’s snowing, I’m lazy and I need something to distract me let’s just spend the afternoon gazing at babies playing chess. Karyssa & Bee at Skokie Library this morning You: Yawn. _____________ UPDATE 11:14 AM 2/8/11 Me: Ouch! I’m in labor folks. I’ll see ya on the other side!

You owe me champagne no matter what, people.

The other day I got an update on a friend due around the same time as me (we are in our last weeks of pregnancy). In these final weeks, she decided to get a last-minute amnio to check the true genetic features of her baby. Like me, she had gotten a tip off late in... Read more »