Smutty eyeliner, the perfect baby shower gift

One benefit to being pregnant with a child of the same gender as your two-year-old is you get cooler gifts at the shower. Hey, I’ve already got a breast pump and a pink stroller, so no one bothered with nipple pads and the like at my baby “sprinkle” yesterday. Instead, I got tons of rad stuff like long wearing eyeliner by Kat Von D (for looking good during labor, see) and good smelling lotions and potions. 

Another benefit of being a second-timer is no one cares how much you weigh or feels the need to educate you about how to raise a baby. People just drink their champie and compliment your hair. Why, YES, I do have new poodle bangs! More Izzy, please?
Thank you to the lovely flock of ladies who loaded me up with diapers and creme. Now I’m ready to twiddle my thumbs for five more weeks.
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  • Daang I got busy and didn't stop by for awhile and suddenly you're weeks away from popping! I'm sure time didn't fly quite that fast for you. Sounds like a fun shower!

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