Nursery project update: I saved $180 with my mad copy cat skillz

I have been drooling over this painting for my revamp-the-nursery project:

Picture 147.png

It’s sold by a high-end kids’ decor store called Rosenberry Rooms and retails for $108. There are a few other pieces in the series and I was hoping for a set of two, but why blow $216 on something I’m going to be bored of in six months? And why blow $216 at all when I can score  some nifty canvases and cheap brushes and put my gigantic brain to use copying it?

Whaddaya think? I’m a regular Monet, no?
Picture 146.png
As soon as my slow ass fabric samples arrive, I’ll order the fabric I need to whip up a valance over the ole winder, then I’ll post pics of the new and improved nursery. Stay tuned!

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  • WOW! Awesome job!!

  • In reply to lcdierkes:

    Thanks! It's kind of an easy style, so I literally did this in 20 minutes. Now, to balance things out around here, I'll mention something I'm NOT proud of . . . all I ate today were sweet potato fries and chocolate :/

  • In reply to lcdierkes:

    I think I even like yours better :D it's a fluffier chickie which to me seems more comforting :)

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