Look good during labor? Yes you can!

Mothers who primp immediately following the birth of their children have come under recent criticism. Some women take a post-push moment to gloss their lips for their Facebook audience and others really take it to the extreme by bringing stylists to the delivery room. Either way, the practice of postpartum primping is seen as vain.

Boston.com recently ran an article about the Facebook and Twitter phenomenon increasing social pressure to look good in those sweaty, euphoric moments after a child’s delivery. Reaction was fierce: The moms must be crazy.
Well throw me in the pile of crazy because I don’t go anywhere without looking my best, and in the labor and delivery ward was and is no exception. However. When a child enters the world, it does seem a bit callous to pick up a blush brush before the baby.
Perhaps the solution is long wearing make-up applied during labor. I famously teetering into labor and delivery in heels and perfectly set hair for my first birth but that didn’t carry me through three hours of pushing. This time, I’m thinking ahead about my make-up too. I’m going to try MAC’s Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation and Pro Longwear Lip Color. Hey, there’s down time between contractions and why not slather on some hope?
Other ways to make your delivery pictures shine is to think about your wardrobe in advance. Pack a cute robe or invest in a designer maternity gown. For the icing on the top, you could also bring a coordinating blanket and beanie hat for the babe. 
Yeah, birth is magical and all, but wouldn’t it be great to be proud to show off the pictures instead of hiding them from everyone because you look like crap? If I can get a mani-pedi and a hair cut in the week before I’m due, trust me, I’ll do all I can.
Bianca born.jpg
Our family in 2008 – I’m sure I could have used a 
stylist, but how smokin’ is daddy? Damn.
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  • Um, I had a haircut, got my hair dyed, and got a mani/pedi the week leading up to my labor. THEN, I also had a deisgner gown AND my sister did my hair and make-up just moments before they told me to push! I'm not even kidding in the slightest here...my hair stylist, Pedro, said that if gay men had babies they would look fabulous, and don't you know it! Why do women have to look all sweaty and gross during labor??

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    Is there ANY way you'd share a pic with us?! Purdy pleeeze??

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    sure...do you want me to email them? I'm not sure how to add in a comment...

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    Yeah! jennakarene@gmail.com :)

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