Fun time partie times! A new mom cafe is OPEN!

Hm, given the options to sit at home under the snow and think about myself (okay, I guess I could have vacuumed, but remember I swore that off at new years) or go to a FuN TiMe party event at a new place called Little Beans Cafe today, which do you think I’m going to choose? PARTY. And boy am I glad I did.

I feel like I really know my stuff when it comes to the play date circuit and so I know a good spot when I see one. Little Beans has the open space feel (if not quite the square footage) of Kohl’s Children’s Museum and the location/cleanliness factor of Explore & Much More. But what really makes this place shine over those two is the snack-friendly cafe and get this – the lounge
Sure, you’re going to watch a two-year-old like a hawk, but send that three-year-old out on her own into the joy of the play room. There’s a life sized doll house, a climbable fire station, a gas station, dress-up clothes, blocks, dolls, desks, easels and on and on. Set ’em free while you sit back with your coffee. With huge glass windows separating you from the noise (and still letting you keep an eye) this place is mom date nirvana.
Word on the street is they are offering classes for two and three year olds on Wednesdays and drop off classes for four and five year olds on Fridays. Does it make me a terrible person that I’m giddy at the drop-off idea? Then you can turn your back to the glass and really get caught up on your gossip. Happy. Mommy.
Pics to come shortly!

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