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Human Experiment: Labor cookies!

My friend Nicole pointed me in the direction of a recipe for labor cookies. Hey, why not, right? Maybe I go into labor, and if not I get to eat a bunch of cookies. I modified the original recipe (of course) to double the spices. Labor vibes times TWO! Here’s my version: 2 1/2 cup... Read more »

My talent: Sussing out baby name trends, falling in

I’m really annoyed. What two-ton lady isn’t? With four of my Facebook friends due at the same time as me and yet being the ONLY pregnant one left standing (seriously, how did that happen?) I have even more reason to be a curmudgeon. It’s just as well she stays on board because I don’t have... Read more »

Fun time partie times! A new mom cafe is OPEN!

Hm, given the options to sit at home under the snow and think about myself (okay, I guess I could have vacuumed, but remember I swore that off at new years) or go to a FuN TiMe party event at a new place called Little Beans Cafe today, which do you think I’m going to... Read more »

How to evict a baby in Chicago

How to evict a baby in Chicago
It took all of 20 minutes to get me here, but it’s taken 37 weeks (and counting) to get this baby out. What can we do to evict my child? Sure, I could be patient and wait until 41 weeks like last time, but let’s try our luck with remedies at these Chicago spots to... Read more »

People of The Cloth (diapers that is)

I told you my second baby and I are out to save the planet, right? Yeah, the first kid and I got away with an AMAZING 18 months of free Seventh Generation diapers through a loop hole in an Amazon promotion, but my luck with that was so ’08. This time I have to actually... Read more »

Nursery project update: I saved $180 with my mad copy cat skillz

I have been drooling over this painting for my revamp-the-nursery project: It’s sold by a high-end kids’ decor store called Rosenberry Rooms and retails for $108. There are a few other pieces in the series and I was hoping for a set of two, but why blow $216 on something I’m going to be bored... Read more »

Crafty! Turn a crummy old T-shirt into pom pom decor

Free pom poms!
Pom poms are all the rage in baby nurseries. By “rage” we mean crafty interweb moms like myself are swooning over pom poms between clicks. I just don’t want you to be confused that we’re turning over cars in the streets with our adrenaline. As you know, I’m spiffing up my nursery in anticipation of... Read more »

Smutty eyeliner, the perfect baby shower gift

One benefit to being pregnant with a child of the same gender as your two-year-old is you get cooler gifts at the shower. Hey, I’ve already got a breast pump and a pink stroller, so no one bothered with nipple pads and the like at my baby “sprinkle” yesterday. Instead, I got tons of rad... Read more »

Chicago politics - 12 days left to get your hands DIRTY!

The cutoff for voter registration is January 25, so if you have moved or are new to ole SherrrKago and you want to participate in Chicago’s February 22 election (you do, give me a minute) you’ll have to either . . .  1. Print and mail-in this form or 2. Walk yourself down to 69 W.... Read more »

Look good during labor? Yes you can!

Mothers who primp immediately following the birth of their children have come under recent criticism. Some women take a post-push moment to gloss their lips for their Facebook audience and others really take it to the extreme by bringing stylists to the delivery room. Either way, the practice of postpartum primping is seen as vain.... Read more »