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Good news - SIDS isn't a crap shoot

A study came out last week that incidents of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) rise 33% on New Years Day. Why? Because that’s when parents drink. The Tribune ran an article December 12 revealing crib bumpers and other obstructions in cribs are rarely reported or factored into SIDS reporting. Apparently the crippling fear that my... Read more »

Is the Superbowl a holiday?

Right after scrubbing off the glitter of New Year’s Eve, I always get my Superbowl plans in order. It usually involves a bar stool or a familiar couch and two out of the past three seasons, it’s included booze-free booze. Even though I’m girly, there’s something I love about the sports highlight of the year.... Read more »

2011 - The year I will buy a mop. Maybe.

I am married to a hedonist. I already knew this, but it struck me as I was cleaning up the post-holiday debris and discovered some expensive, but handy, dusting wipes in the cabinet that he bought.  Me, I like to suffer. I also like to opposite-of-procrastinate (anticrastinate?) hence my yanking of decorations and scrubbing down... Read more »

Care For Real + MACYS SANTA HELL, I'm warning you

Guilt trip time! But seriously, I either say it or sit on it and I’m not so good with the latter. I stopped by Care For Real today, the local organization providing meals and goods in my neighborhood. Guess what I saw? In the freezing snow? Like 30 people lined up outside the door for groceries.... Read more »

Married to a Stanley Cup kisser

Comcast hosted the Stanley Cup at the Union Park Lounge Tuesday night. It was a private event for only THE most crazy, die hard Blackhawks fans. That award goes to my husband with no second place. Sure, it was snowing and I’m can’t-see-my-feet pregnant and I could think of a million reasons I wanted him... Read more »

What the heck is raclette? Plus: Sneak peek at Caterpillar party

Want to make a pregnant lady happy? Serve a meal of all cheese! My friend Stacey hosted a traditional Swiss feast tonight called a raclette party, where guests dine on stinky cheese followed by salad.  Raclette is a cross between fondue and yakiniku or, less abstractly, it’s a meal where everybody broils their own cheese... Read more »

We're the hardest core ladies at church

My friend Stacey and I are pretty much the razor thugs of the Immanuel Lutheran community. The turn out of the annual Christmas party took a hit today due to the snow, but we made it. [Blows on knuckles] Sure, I’m a ginormous pregnant lady with a toddler who refuses to let her feet touch... Read more »

A stroller is a car, at least this one better be. Bugaboo's new double!

Living in the city, I’ve almost certainly put more miles on my stroller than behind the wheel of my car. Which is why my baby rides in mega style in her little Bugaboo Cameleon. We had to have the reversible seat, rubber tires (hello Chicago streets), huge storage compartment and narrow wheel base for dodging... Read more »

Don't forget to craft an advent calendar! C'mon, it's easy.

Seven hundred twenty seven. That’s how many strips of construction paper I just cut by hand so the little chillens at my Christmas play group tomorrow will have supplies to make advent chains. And look, I still have energy left in my fingers for TYPING. Unfortunately, that is the only exercise I did today. Back... Read more »