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Holiday funk - cures besides booze?

I love Christmas. Seriously. You know I mailed my much-obsessed-over cards the day before Thanksgiving (hey, the mail had already gone out, it was totally fair game) and of course my tree is up and shining two days later. And yet . . . I’m in a funk. If I’m not blog posting, you know... Read more »

Lesser of two holiday evils: Bed bugs or mom's house?

Well folks, we’re joining half of Chicago and hitting the road tomorrow, destination: Turkeytown. With less than 24 hours to go before we gas up ole Scott and sing our lungs out down I94, I have yet to make sleeping arrangements for us when we get there. Let’s explore the options. 1. Stay at mom... Read more »

Baby name: Camille?

When we first found out we were pregnant, I tossed out the name Camilla to the hubs and he laughed. “Like Camilla Parker Bowles?” He said Camilla was up there with Cher. What, it’s not like I wanted to name her Beyonce. Unlike a first pregnancy, the second one is easy to forget about. People ask me... Read more »

Craft sale today! Tomorrow! Berger Park!

I told you, they are free. Just go get them! Sheridan, just north of Glenlake, all weekend!
What’s up, homeys? I’ll have you know that as soon as one of my $3 clay ornaments sells at the Berger Park Pottery & Jewelry Show today (or tomorrow) that I will officially be a professional potter. Professional potter! Not that I ever aspired to be a professional potter, but one of the other kids*... Read more »

Baby's first haircut!

Big news! My little Bee faced her fears of scissors coming toward her head with the aid of two lollipops today. She was looking kind of straggly lately, so we went to Hair Cuttery for the $12 long-layers special. Boom. Stylish baby. I highly recommend this place because they made a big deal out of... Read more »

Is it wrong to donate gross toys?

This guy I knew and I were moving apartments at the same time when he spotted some nasty old cooking utensils I was throwing out. They had been all of ten bucks eight years before and were crustified with eggs and probably disease. And he wanted them? I said no. That is totally disgusting –... Read more »

IN THIS ECONOMY momming is a profession . . . with business cards?

I grew up in the 80’s when moms sported big shoulder pads and went out and made it happen in offices. Kids like me made friends at daycare and learned to make our own mac and cheese after letting ourselves into the house after school. I don’t have any complaints. Hey, I got to watch... Read more »

Parents enraged at Amazon over Pedophilia how-to manual - UPDATED!

Online retailer Amazon is losing holiday business this season after parents are becoming enraged at a controversial e-document available for download on Amazon’s virtual shelves. The book is called The Pedophile’s Guide To Love And Pleasure and is, for all purposes, a how-to guide for child-touchers. The document claims to appeal to “the better nature... Read more »

Colored Christmas trees - yay or nay?

Apparently the 70’s are in full revival, from urban crafting circles to long haired little boys and now colored Christmas trees. What do we think of this, Culture?  My first instinct is to boo a blue Christmas tree. I mean seriously, the audacity. Like trees are naturally going to grow out of the ground the... Read more »

Cool kid holiday toys (hint: Target ain't advertising 'em)

I’ll tell you who has the right idea. My brother. He very specifically said he wants a solid gold bar for Christmas this year and I have to say, he’s on to something. Familiar, yet rare. Simple, yet usefully high-range (door stop! paperweight! weapon!) and best of all, not chemical-laden or jacked up by the... Read more »