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Halloween breakfast ideas

Hall-la-looYa, halloween is on a Sunday this year which means the hubs is home and we can spend the day relaxing before the spooks come out. Of course since I have to be festive from A-Z, I will be making a very halloweeny breakfast in the morn. Here are some ideas! Pumpkin Pancakes (4 servings) ... Read more »

Andersonville's spooky abandoned hospital in the Trib

A block from my house sits an ominous, expansive, abandoned hospital that was shut down for medical fraud in 2001. On cold, fall nights legends come alive in the rustling leaves about the shaky addicts that were treated there against their will and horrific scenes on gurneys that shroud the dark facility known as Edgewater... Read more »

Crafty discovery! Design your own fabric!

How about those drapes in your living room? Would you like the option of festooning them with the logo of this website? No way is that tacky! And it turns out, it’s entirely possible.  I recently discovered the wonder of Spoonflower. You can upload any design and order it in fabric – anything from regular... Read more »

Money. Shopping. Gilt.

Hm, “members-only” shopping sites. Feels special. Right now I’m awaiting my application to high-end online boutique Gilt with the zeal of a freshman sorority hopeful. They promise “hand-selected styles [and] members-only prices”. Hey, they already made good on the promise of an excellent event at the Peninsula this morning, so I have no doubt I’ll... Read more »

Unintentionally hilarious sewing book

My friend Chelsea Bells sent me a sewing book for my ole birFday (I’ll be 31 flavors Sunday, if you must know) and it is her-larious.  The book is called Simple Sewing For Baby by a lady with an awesome name: Lotta Jansdotter. Lotta! Loves. Anyway, she has some great idearrs (a felt baby book... Read more »

Beginner's sewing luck + FAN CAM!

I’m a whiz kid, did I mention that? Sure, my profession yields the annual income of a paper boy but I’m a real whiz bang with figgirin’ stuff out. Case in point: my new sewing machine. (New = a 1978 Viking model from my mother-in-law in signature mustard yellow). Bobbin? No problem. How to thread... Read more »

"That baby looks dead!" Why blog commenters are assholes

Mario Lopez posed proudly with his infant daughter on the cover of this month’s OK! magazine, yet among the congratulations, the story was also met with less-than-charming comments from anonymous blog readers all across the web. Here is just a sampling: “Mario is a dirty douchebag taking the credit and leaving ‘fatty’ [the child’s mother]... Read more »

Fall Vegetarian Dinner Party Menu (for people you don't have to impress)

Apologies to my friend Stacey, but her family has been relegated to “eh, they like us already so who cares if the squash is oily?” which is one step above “let’s not change out of our pajamas for them”. Maybe that’s a compliment? In the spirit of sharing, let’s discuss what I’ve been serving this... Read more »

Hide your wife! Antoine Dodson makes it big on BET

You remember Antoine Dodson, the brother of the attempted burglary victim in the Huntsville, AL projects who shot to fame after the clip of his eye witness account went viral. He was auto-tuned, remixed, ringtoned and silkscreened into an overnight sensation. And he’s back! In case you missed the BET awards last night (for shame!)... Read more »

Get some self-esteem, Bella!

Okay, I know I’m late, but I finally bit. For entertainment on the ten-hour plane ride home from Italy my options were USA Today, the Sky Mall catalog or one of those vampire novels. Fine. I’ll read a vampire novel. Hey, maybe I’ve been wrong for being such a hold-out. Maybe the icy weird skin... Read more »