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"Oktoberfest" as authentic as T-Bell

Well that was a flop. We attended Oktoberfest Chicago in Lakeview today expecting to see something German. It was a flood of American beer and the usual boring menu of every other Star Events production: chinese food, elephant ears, you know the drill. Yes, I suppose there was a booth for German food which amounted to... Read more »

Censorship and Joe The Blogger

Chicago Now editors are under fire for allegedly succumbing to pressure from Time Out Chicago Editor-In-Chief/General Manager Frank Sennett to remove a series of blog posts on Arresting Tales, a Chicago Now blog written by a veteran cop. The two posts in question outlined a “template” for the aftermath of urban police murders, generalizing witness... Read more »

What to do when it's YOUR fault

So you blew it. Mistakes are human. How you handle it says more about you than your goof and the implications of the mistake depends more on the circumstances than the severity. This can work in your favor! If you have the upper hand in a failing boyfriend situation, for example, you can get away... Read more »

Rock is dead. (At least rocking.)

A headline from yesterday read, “Hilary Clinton Rocks A Hair Clip” with an accompanying article and picture of the Secretary Of State looking like a festooned mall rat circa 1991 due to an 89 cent plastic comb securing her unkempt hair. What bothers me more than the hair clip is the headline. Rocking? No matter... Read more »

There's a new Jon Gosselin on the scene!

Meet Brian Masche. He’s the bad-tempered, gay-seeming dad of sex-tuplets and star of Raising Sextuplets on WE. Just what makes this guy so great? His condescending attitude, his raging temper and now . . . his arrest record! Brian Masche was arrested for domestic violence in Yavapa County in Arizona while visiting relatives. His bond... Read more »

I puzzled with The Puzzler!

Being a groupie for worthy, brainy D-listers is a great pastime. My buddy Wendi and I got a little press mention back in 2005 when Peter Sagal acknowledged us as NPR’s Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me groupies in an interview with the Trib. After all, we did show up for the live tapings every week... Read more »

Gender Disappointment

This was supposed to be an article about matching sister dresses. After navigating the capricious world of dating, accomplishing the feat of a happy marriage, overcoming the sometimes heart-wrenching process of creating a home and getting and staying pregnant with a healthy baby a person should be happy, right? But for some, a dark, unsettling... Read more »

Rhymes with "Pope-ra"

Damn. I signed a waiver this morning saying I would not blog about my experience as an audience member on America’s favorite talk show. Rats. Well then, you’ll just have to settle for this picture of my buddy Stacey and I outside of some studio this morning and keep your eye on the third row... Read more »

How to be lucky

I mentioned my wee lotto win the other day and less than 24 hours later, a trip to Rome landed in my lap. It’s really par for the course for me because by all other accounts I’m an average person from some not-cool beginnings who has managed to cultivate a pretty sweet life. I won’t... Read more »

Epidural: Worth it?

I’ve got a full five months to think about this, but the truth is, I have to go through labor and delivery again. That means I get a cuddly baby in February but it also means I might have not-so-cuddly needle in my spine.   Here are my two cents on the epidural I had when... Read more »