What is Courtney Love wearing RIGHT NOW?

Well, if you must know, you can. Because she has a fashion blog chronicling her every outfit, including midday wardrobe changes. Union Jack rings, unmade beds, her favorite wines, the great pants, the No Pants . . . it’s all there.

I actually really love Courtney Love. Live Through This was such an anthem for me. After years of wearing black eyeliner, I wonder if I could really scrub it all off and see the surface of my eyelid skin? I’ll bet it’s still 1994 under there. The rest of my body is 30, but the roots of my eyelashes have been entombed by smut for so long, I’ll bet you would find flannels over ripped T-Shirts, Zima bottles and inked up Chucks. Scary.
PS – For the rest of us who are still loyal to the spirit of the 90’s, here’s Fashion Grunge. Not related to Courtney’s. Unfortunately.
Picture 342.png
Oh make me over

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