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All together now, "Mel Gibson is a jerk" - UPDATED!

The Mel Gibson racist, misogynist rant how now been leaked and if you have not had the pleasure, click here. It is a conversation between Mel Gibson and his child’s mother during their split. He basically tells her she looks like a “Vegas whore”, he hopes she gets raped and that she can never leave... Read more »


The hubs took the day off yesterday and the whole family, complete with Oma, headed to the indoor water park at Timber Ridge in Lake Geneva, WI. Things were sailing smooth: baby slides were causing smiles, the tree theme was giving me a case of the pleasants and they even had pizza. Delish! Oh, and... Read more »

Now THAT'S how you make an exit

Are there hidden cameras in my life? Because I don’t understand how this crap happens without a script. Bianca has gymnastics on Wednesdays and, according to the rather gruff leader of the organization, we’re all supposed to wait in the vestibule until our class is called. WAIT until you are CALLED. So last week, a... Read more »

Pottery class yields creepy baby head - UPDATED!

Last week at pottery class, I was concentrating so hard on a wonky pot I was making that the wheel became unbalanced and the disc came loose. The next thing I know this giant lead pancake was hurled through the air and hit my abdomen. Sucker punch! As you may suspect, that is not cool... Read more »

4th of July preschool project- Safe Sparklers!

See, I'm not that strict. She's still not getting hamburgers.
Is your babe too young to hold real sparklers at the festivities this weekend? How about a cheapie craft instead! A trip to the dollar store was all I needed for a stellar project I led at play group today. Two of the things were in the wrapping paper aisle and the rest was in... Read more »