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Blacks angry over viral news clip

A clip of a Huntsville, AL news station reporting on a break-in and attempted rape case in the projects has gone viral on the internets. If you haven’t had the pleasure, here is the original and here is the autotune remix. Apparently a t-shirt line, a ringtone and a Facebook fan page dedicated to the... Read more »

Sitters Studio: The merging of greatness!

It’s like the first time someone had the idea to dip a strawberry in chocolate or make jeans into leggings (just go with me on that). Last night I was in a pinch for childcare and had to opportunity to experience a high-end babysitting service called Sitter Studio that combines two elements: child care and... Read more »

Need to chill on the produce

The weekly Andersonville farmer’s market is today and as I gathered up my lucky shopping bag and started to hatch my plan it dawned on me that I still have a fridge full of produce from last week. I guess it has to do with being prettier than flour and milk, but there’s just something... Read more »

What I'm missing out on: fire throwers at the beach

When I heard raising children is a sacrifice, I thought it was a hit-to-the-career, tiny-waist-is-history, become-poor-stay-poor kind of thing. It turns out I was only half right. Raising children also involves sacrifice of the more subtle variety, the kind parents get so used to they rarely think to complain about anymore. What with the drowning... Read more »

Vegetarian meal plan for those married to carnivores

Now that I’m on the other side of all day morning sickness, I’m back to cooking! There had been some discussions going on in my life about meal plans, so I’m going to share what we had this week. I’ve been a vegetarian for the better two-thirds of my life but I’m married to one... Read more »

What is Courtney Love wearing RIGHT NOW?

Well, if you must know, you can. Because she has a fashion blog chronicling her every outfit, including midday wardrobe changes. Union Jack rings, unmade beds, her favorite wines, the great pants, the No Pants . . . it’s all there. You’re welcome. I actually really love Courtney Love. Live Through This was such an... Read more »

Professionally tailored sweatpants?

I’m married to a shiny guy. He carries a man purse and secures the crisp in his shirts with personalized brass collar stays. This is why I was very amused this evening when he announced he had purchased sweatpants. Sweatpants? We’re just not casual people, see. Yoga pants are as low as I go and... Read more »

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chowin' down

Since we’re all about the two-parters around here let’s talk about the Museum of Contemporary Art and then feast our eyes on the eggplant parmesan I made tonight. First up, MCA. I’ve been here a million times, but hey, it’s free on Tuesdays and there is a farmer’s market out front. I really needed a... Read more »

Glasses? Sexy? 60's Secretary specs to the rescue!

My usual glasses became a casualty of a hotel vacuum cleaner this weekend. In the mean time, I’m stuck with my contacts and a predicament: what am I supposed to buy? The last time I got new glasses, I had a job to answer to. $400 for Chanel frames? Sure. But now I’m not constrained... Read more »

LIVE! From Canada!

Up here in the land of hammy bacon and Frenchie people, the internet connection is spotty. I’ll be back with a full update on my northern adventure in a day or so. Hints: weird notes from the maid, mosquito immunity, the “Swiss Chalet”. Later taters.