Museum of Contemporary Art, Chowin' down

Since we’re all about the two-parters around here let’s talk about the Museum of Contemporary Art and then feast our eyes on the eggplant parmesan I made tonight.

First up, MCA. I’ve been here a million times, but hey, it’s free on Tuesdays and there is a farmer’s market out front. I really needed a zucchini and an eggplant so we stocked the stroller with produce and went inside the museum. This was my first experience, however, taking a toddler. Mistake! Abort! 
Broadening my baby’s horizons one avant garde bowling ball at a time.
As it happens, there is an exhibit featuring handcrafted stuffed animals from bygone eras, like the 70’s. Great. Tables and tables of worn, cuddly looking creatures that could have been (and probably were) sprung from any young granny’s attic. What does this mean to a toddler? That she wants to pick them up and stuff them in my purse. Oh, and the kitchy, weather worn animal that was already in my purse when we got there? Making me nervous.
The rest of the exhibits were either not kid-friendly or plain scary. When we go again, it’ll have to be on a First Fridays night when we snag a sitter.
Now the eggplant parmesan. For three hours I simmered the following on medium low: a shot of vodka, a sprinkle of sugar, a can of whole organic tomatoes (that I pureed in the blender), a can of tomato paste, some squirts of olive oil, several dashes of italian seasoning and garlic powder. 
Then I sliced two eggplants and followed the rest of this recipe, whipped up a loaf of bread and feasted with the fam. For the first time in  . .. ever? my little doll finished her dinner. Score.
eggplant dinner at K house
eggplant parm

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  • The pic of B is so adorable! SCORE! and the eggplant sounds awesome!

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