Glasses? Sexy? 60's Secretary specs to the rescue!

My usual glasses became a casualty of a hotel vacuum cleaner this weekend. In the mean time, I’m stuck with my contacts and a predicament: what am I supposed to buy?

The last time I got new glasses, I had a job to answer to. $400 for Chanel frames? Sure. But now I’m not constrained by the judgey glares of clients and bosses. It’s time for me to live! to LIVE! Live how I see fit! (And hopefully scale back the price tag. I am a housewife, after all.)
Enter eBay and these amazing pin-up girl glasses! 
Cat-eye glasses
Can’t you just picture me thumbing through a copy of Look magazine while the kids sip Tang on the porch? Me, with my beehive and wiggle skirt under a handmade floral apron, tucking the children into bed before letting down my pin curls to greet the mister? Why, yes!
I’ll update with a picture of the actual me in these glasses as soon as they arrive. 

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  • The last time I got glasses, I asked the lady at the counter if she had any "sexy librarian" frames and she looked at me like I was an idiot. So, what I'm saying is that I really dig the 60's pin-up girl frames! Don't forget to post pics!!

  • I will! My roots are more 90's era grunge right now since I'm in the 1st trimester, but I'll try to look as cherry as possible.

  • Love the frames. Funny how trendy aprons have become.
    I've had this website for awhile and suddenly apron sales are just taking off, its amazing.
    If you have some time check out the site.

    good luck with those frames!

  • Cool, thanks for sharing your link. I love aprons!

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