Why is no one eating at The Waterfront Cafe?

There is a great place right on the lake that serves $7 organic wraps with potato salad and grapes, that is right next to a deluxe play ground and where you will always get a table. So why is no one eating there?

Perhaps it’s the parking problem. City folks on bikes might find a trek up to 6219 North Sheridan too much effort and those on foot may as well stay in their condos and look at the lake. And drivers? Forget it. Neighborhood parking is scarce and then you’d have to cross busy Sheridan. But if that doesn’t bother you and you feel like jumping on the Red Line (Granville stop) you need to be at The Waterfront Cafe

Seriously folks, it’s a travesty you are not there. It was GORGEOUS out on Thursday when we went. Bianca entertained herself in the sand at our feet while we dined on tofu wraps and beer* before I made my way to my pottery class at Berger Park.

And dude, they serve chicken and waffles on Sunday.
Picture 273.png
*one of us

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