City of Chicago Gymnastics Class: WORTH IT!

As we discussed, the City Of Chicago subsidizes arts and sports activities. I was a little underwhelmed by the art class we take on Tuesdays (um, she can spend 45 minutes coloring on her own at home, thanks) but Moms, Pops & Tots Gymnastics? A-mazer-ing! 

These are the classes, by the way, that moms chomp at the bit to get into. Little boo crying for breakfast? Too bad, kid, because at 9:00:00 on registration day, clicks all over the city are competing heavily for these limited spots. You reach down to hand off a Pop Tart and your summer is toast (just ask my neighbor Karolina). 
But we got in and now that the classes are underway, I’m trying to decide what is hype and what isn’t. Art & ABC’s? Hype. Twenty kids are crammed into card tables in a basement and given seven words of instruction. “Today’s letter is T. Here you go!” and so for the better part of an hour they color. Or cry. The small talk with the other parents isn’t even good. Boring!
But let’s talk about Moms, Pops & Tots Gymnastics at Peterson Park. The instructor is a chipper college girl who, besides a brief confession that 10:15 AM is too early, seems very happy to be there. She engages the kids in warm up activities (butterfly stretches! blast off hops!) then takes them through an adorable obstacle course. (Bianca’s new pass time is now rolling across surfaces, if you must know.) Then the kids take a few rounds jumping down a trampoline sidewalk of sorts, then march upstairs to burn off even more energy on the rings. Yes rings! 18-month-olds!
Get your clickin’ fingers ready for the next sign up, which is TBA. See ya there.

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  • Wow - check her out hanging from that bar all by herself! I've got to get Kira into a gym class. How fun.

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