Being natural? Over it!

Well, I’m not totally over my green initiatives but I’ll tell you something that’s getting canned as soon as I get my hands on some bonafied Cascade: homemade dishwashing detergent.

I hate to throw in the towel (har!) but seriously, folks, take a gander at a typical “clean” glass sprung from my dishwasher lately:
Picture 203.png
It was cleaner when it went it!
In case you are curious, I made homemade dishwashing powder out of equal parts Borax and washing soda with 1/2 part baking soda plus some drops of orange oil. It smells divine, but it’s crap.
Two schools of thought: Americans have an unnatural standard of cleanliness which is why our hair is dull and our teeth are space age shades of white. Or, these glasses are really gross and I should buy commercial detergent. Thinking. It’s what’s for dinner.

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  • Guess I won't try that one. I've tried vinegar and baking soda when I run out of detergent and it works pretty well, but I always buy more store bought detergent. :)

  • hmm, never thought of it... looks like I will be sticking to cascade anyway ;)

  • you've probably seen this site but they did a 'greener' dishwasher soap review a while back...they also suggest using vinegar as a rinse agent if you make your own. i can't speak for how it works as i've been stuck on my chlorine-laden costco brand dishwasher soap forever. but i at least try to make up for it by using an 'eco-friendly' dish soap for the hand washables/baby/toddler items...

  • In reply to veggiebooty:

    I have seen the safe mama site. I guess I was being lazy about trying different methods. Okay, back on the saddle!

  • In reply to veggiebooty:

    We probably do have unrealistically high standards of cleanliness . . . still, I'd spring commercial in this case too! :-)

  • Adding some citric acid will take care of this cloudy glass problem! Just add a few packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid Lemonade to your detergent mix and you're set. A little vinegar as the rinse agent will leave them spotless.

  • In reply to kberg1983:

    Thanks! I wonder how you add vinegar to the rinse cycle in a machine? Or do I have to rinse them by hand?

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