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Why is no one eating at The Waterfront Cafe?

There is a great place right on the lake that serves $7 organic wraps with potato salad and grapes, that is right next to a deluxe play ground and where you will always get a table. So why is no one eating there? Perhaps it’s the parking problem. City folks on bikes might find a... Read more »

Healthy cookies? Banana batterrrrr UP

I get a lot of flak because my kid is skinny. I do. “Fatten that girl up! Give her cookies!” they all chant at me at family gatherings. Sure, beef her up with sugar and lard, right? No thanks. But come to think of it, she does love cookies and her stats from the pediatrician... Read more »

City of Chicago Gymnastics Class: WORTH IT!

As we discussed, the City Of Chicago subsidizes arts and sports activities. I was a little underwhelmed by the art class we take on Tuesdays (um, she can spend 45 minutes coloring on her own at home, thanks) but Moms, Pops & Tots Gymnastics? A-mazer-ing!  These are the classes, by the way, that moms chomp... Read more »

Pottery class!

Stace Face and I signed up for one of the City of Chicago’s adult enrichment courses – pottery! Since the last time I did any scenes from Ghost was in 8th grade,  I thought I’d be a little rusty at the wheel. No way! I totally made a little barrel fit for Oscar The Grouch. ... Read more »

Scarlet Johansson totally looks like that Rescue Ranger

Sure, our family has been Blackhawks crazy the past few days (downtown was a NIGHTMARE Friday) and the Andersonville fest, a house party and a 5-mile walk on the lake in the pouring rain have all produced some blog fodder but that is meaningless because last night it dawned on me that Scarlet Johansson looks... Read more »

Being natural? Over it!

Well, I’m not totally over my green initiatives but I’ll tell you something that’s getting canned as soon as I get my hands on some bonafied Cascade: homemade dishwashing detergent. I hate to throw in the towel (har!) but seriously, folks, take a gander at a typical “clean” glass sprung from my dishwasher lately: It... Read more »

Hosed at Sushi Samba

Being a vegetarian and house frau, I neither sushi nor samba, but we made the effort last night for our pal’s birthday and had dinner at the acclaimed Sushi Samba restaurant on Wells street. This Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese fusion place is gorgeous. An open, circular layout lit from all angles in primary colors makes... Read more »

Not Rue!

No. Rue McClanahan flew off on a mauve feather boa to the cougar town in Heaven. How can this be real? Last night at 1:00AM she sauntered off to the sky after a massive stroke at the age of 76. Did you know my daughter Bianca was thisclose to being named Blanche? Fact. Blanche was... Read more »