Vegetarian toddler food in Chicago + tantrum

I have a friend who never eats dinner. Her diet is pure old hollywood: nothing with a side of glamour. But tonight she made an exception and took me to Loving Hut, a vegan and child-friendly restaurant on Broadway.

I’d love to tell you we sailed through our delicious salad and split entree (Almond Joy is a real joy, by the way) but I would be lying if I didn’t admit the real experience was a mash-up of screams, finger-painted ketchup and dirty looks. 
First of all, guess who goes out to dinner at 5:00? Babies and old people. Accept this. Secondly, it is an order-at-the-counter type of affair with french fries on the menu and high chairs. You know this going in. You have been warned. So don’t try to make a romantic meal out of it and give me a stink eye on your way out, sister. Because Stacey will flip you off with her glamourous, manicured middle finger and I’ll throw your eye roll right back at you.
Then we’ll mop up after after ourselves and hit the pavement. Full. Exhausted. Classy.
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  • What a time we had! I love our fun adventures! That woman was SO uncool. We woman have to stick together and support other Moms not roll their eyes at them obviously trying to keep their children in line! Go Mom's!

  • Exactly. I wish I had taken a pic of your "gesture" ;)

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