Pig spit skipped, fresh pesto OBSESSED

Andersonville was alive today in spite of the rain. I melt when my bangs get wet, so after the parade we skipped the free pig roast in lieu of farfalle pasta with homemade pesto. Yum! I was only in for the pig roast for the freak factor anyway.

On to the pesto. I like this dish because it is pure and wholesome, like me*. Except for the noodles, pesto is raw. It is also vegan, fresh, organic and if you’re careful, it has the magic five-or-less ingredients that make food snobs swoon.
Do this:
– Gather a cup of packed basil. Grow your own, or cheat and grab it at the Jewel
– Put 1/2 cup of pine nuts in the blender until crushed
– Add the basil, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup water, tablespoon of garlic and 1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese
– Whirred it up until it’s a pretty green
– Toss with cooked pasta and EAT, friend. (Add salt & pepper to taste, of course.)
You can do this! It involves no cooking!
*excluding the years between 1994-2006

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