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Pig spit skipped, fresh pesto OBSESSED

We did think of the fallen ones today, before we got obsessed with pesto.
Andersonville was alive today in spite of the rain. I melt when my bangs get wet, so after the parade we skipped the free pig roast in lieu of farfalle pasta with homemade pesto. Yum! I was only in for the pig roast for the freak factor anyway. On to the pesto. I like this... Read more »

Craniosacral therapy: not hooey? Who knew!

Yesterday I was led through a lush yard to the back door of a small art studio in a residential area of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 58 miles from my home in Chicago (if the navigation system in my car isn’t telling lies.) Women’s faces were everywhere. One giant canvas looked back at me with eyes... Read more »

Vegetarian toddler food in Chicago + tantrum

I have a friend who never eats dinner. Her diet is pure old hollywood: nothing with a side of glamour. But tonight she made an exception and took me to Loving Hut, a vegan and child-friendly restaurant on Broadway. I’d love to tell you we sailed through our delicious salad and split entree (Almond Joy... Read more »

Chicago Edgewater prayer walk success, hot

We were melting in the sun of the church lawn this afternoon, flanked by a police escort and a lemonade stand.  Members of the Immanuel Lutheran community held a prayer walk today in recognition of recent violence in the Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhood in Chicago. Residents have been concerned about a rash of armed muggings and the... Read more »

Keep Andersonville fun! Keep chains out!

Aw, naw. Just when my mood got better thanks to a fun new skirt and two very lovely organic hair products, I find out the old paint store down the street is a SELL OUT. Yup.  Thybony Paint And Wallcovering has been around for years in the Chicago Andersonville neighborhood, providing all kinds of construction... Read more »

Crying jags at play group - mine, I mean.

Four days a week, Bee and I pack up to the church gym down the street where we sing the row-row song and gobble animal crackers. Usually this provides a little sense of community in a neighborhood that is otherwise a motley congregation of moms without jobs. My pal Stacey goes with me and we’ve... Read more »

Mood. Bad.

Everything is on my nerves today. Instead of boring you with the nine reasons I’m on fire, let’s talk about things that would make it all better. 1. These pajamas. I could sit under the new chandelier on my deck (yes, I put a chandelier outside and I also wear lip gloss to bed, so... Read more »


With all that airport food that I had forgotten was so delicious – seriously, Noble Roman’s bread sticks are white flour HEAVEN*- it’s time for a detox. I usually get in these moods when I need to lose weight but now it really is about health. I’ve been getting these weird headaches. Let’s be hippies... Read more »

It's my day!

Sure, I’ll be stuffed in stiff dress and doting on my mother-in-law later but right now I’m basking in my new Snuggie (thanks, babe!) and eating my annual McGriddle. It’s Mother’s Day, yo. That’s my day to wear my jams past 10:00 and collect high fives from my toddler (she hasn’t gotten into vacuuming or... Read more »

Crazy Cribs

I could be doing things. Or I could be sitting here, trolling the internets for baby cribs. We’re leaving Monday morning for a good ole vacay, which means I have to do the following: – Mop – Laundry – Pack And instead I have spent the morning . . . – Visiting with Robert’s pet... Read more »