Mood. Bad.

Everything is on my nerves today. Instead of boring you with the nine reasons I’m on fire, let’s talk about things that would make it all better.

1. These pajamas. I could sit under the new chandelier on my deck (yes, I put a chandelier outside and I also wear lip gloss to bed, so what!) and sip away my troubles with a cup of tea. Except it’s raining. And this set is $102.

2. These chopstick accoutrements. I don’t really eat sushi or have a brightly colored kitchen, but I’m not sure I can live without these little buddies. Kee-YOOT!3. World peace. Right. I just felt bad not throwing that in there because I really wanted to say “nose job/tummy tuck/hair extensions”.If you are curious, here are the pics of dinner at my house yesterday . . .

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  • I'm totally laughing at how many alcohol bottles are on the table in the one pic! It must have been a fun time!

  • In reply to mjglitch:

    Everybody has their own special drink - Papu has his brandy, our brother-in-law has to have Scotch and Niko drinks Jagermeister. The ladies are so easy! Just whatever wine is open!

  • In reply to mjglitch:

    It's way fun out there now - I wish you lived closer!

  • OMG, I'm in love with those pjs and drooling over your chandelier! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

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