Keep Andersonville fun! Keep chains out!

Aw, naw. Just when my mood got better thanks to a fun new skirt and two very lovely organic hair products, I find out the old paint store down the street is a SELL OUT. Yup. 

Thybony Paint And Wallcovering has been around for years in the Chicago Andersonville neighborhood, providing all kinds of construction whatnot as well as good advice. Every wall in my house is covered in Thybony wares. But now? They are closing up shop and selling their spot to (clutch your pearls, grab your salts . . .)  Walgreens. For shame. 

To keep this injustice out of our hippie streets, sign here

If Walgreens moves in, I guess we’ll have to paint our walls with toothpaste. 
Up next: Take THAT, cancer!

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