It's my day!

Sure, I’ll be stuffed in stiff dress and doting on my mother-in-law later but right now I’m basking in my new Snuggie (thanks, babe!) and eating my annual McGriddle. It’s Mother’s Day, yo. That’s my day to wear my jams past 10:00 and collect high fives from my toddler (she hasn’t gotten into vacuuming or toast-making quite yet, but give her time).

Oh, another thing I’m doing today is watching the Swagger Wagon video about 100 more times. Maybe Toyota copied VW’s Unpimp my ride/self-centered parenting vibe of the Routan campaign a bit, but I’ll still take it.
sienna mom.png
I’m kind of a big deal.

Thanks MJ!

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  • Happy mama's day! Hope it was amazing! That video is HILARIOUS! Tim and I watched it in hysterics!

  • So when I came to your page, I just had to watch again...LOL. I guess once you have kids it just becomes all the more amusing!

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