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Don't Google "Licking Monster"

George’s Treats and Sweets was host to a vivid story hour today with the gifted Tracey Ellert. Several dozen kids were captivated by her expressive face and nifty props including the infamous “Licking Monster”. Licking Monster? Why yes, he’s an adorable puppet but he has a wandering tongue that you should NOT type into a... Read more »

I love toiling endlessly: Bread Series Part II

I’m busting a cap in my friend Chelsea. She’s the sweetest little doll you’ll ever meet, but we’re involved in a bread war (our sanity vs. the temptation to succumb to pure hippidom) and at the moment she has us pegged. With one victorious stroke of her keyboard she has immobilized us. Women down. Remember... Read more »

Ugly Juice

Some moms pour cereal in a bowl, others whip up a glass of Ovaltine but me? I torture my child with a fresh concoction of spinach, oils, and kefir. I call it Ugly Juice. Observe:   It looks like Nickelodeon slime and tastes like fruit. Loco, no? She gulps it down with a smile, thank... Read more »

Labor intensive bread: Worth it?

I haven’t bought bread off the shelf in over a month. I found out I could make bagels, bread, pasta and other grainy goodness with the help of my two hands. I’m a control freak, see, (sorry, Deleted Comment Assholes) so I want to know exactly what is in my food . . . whole... Read more »

Wait. I thought I was so amazing!

Once upon a time I lived on Redbull and breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts. Also cigarettes. Then I got wise to nutrition: organics, whole grains etc. and began making my own bread among other things. These days I trek far and wide to get my 100% whole wheat organic flour which I rise using yeast... Read more »

Happy topic: Baby hats!

My daughter inherited a few things from my side: her uncle’s toenails and my mother’s ability to wear hats.  Some people just have good heads. I’m convinced that whole phase in the 90’s where everyone had the same haircut was because Jennifer Aniston has a good noggin. I mean look at it – high at... Read more »

Cheap mama

A day at the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier, lunch, transportation and booze. Guess what I paid? $14.50. We’re big library nerds, so of course we checked out the free pass which was good for four people to get into the Chicago Children’s Museum. Boom, that saved my friend Stace Face and me a cool... Read more »

Chicago is party central!

If I wasn’t going to the Mercedes Benz Of Chicago fashion show tonight to christen their new building, I would definitely be picking up a swag bag at this party on Damen.  (Thanks Claire!) The necklace is a Don’t.

CPS Protest Recap: Meh.

Nasty budget cuts on the Chicago Public School system has left full-day kindergarten and pre-school, among other things, in jeopardy. This is on the heels of salary increases in the administration. Tell me, with home prices sinking and every bit of retail on sale does ANYONE need a raise? Please. Even gas is cheap right... Read more »

Puff paints! Glitter glue! Down with the man!

I’m breaking out all my fine craft supplies because I have not one but TWO protests Wednesday. If you are so inclined, join me. I’ll be the blond who has no business in jeggings, swingin’ a baby on my hip.  1. 9:00 AM at James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph Street here in good... Read more »