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Modern Mama

I beamed as I lined up my items on the counter: Borax, Arm & Hammer, Ivory soap and salt. The packaging on the Borax shows a drawing of a 1950’s sink, the kind that have been gutted out of homes into extinction. Above a silhouette of a horse drawn caravan, the package assured me it... Read more »

Mii Off

If you’re not versed in Nerd Talk, a “mii” is an avatar created in your likeness on the Nintendo Wii system. Creating a mii for yourself is a true art and a much richer experience than playing Wii Bowling, which I have done exactly once. Because video games are boring. My mom sent me an... Read more »


As we were balancing to-go decafs and pushing our side-by-side toddlers into an aggressive city wind the other day, my friend yelled in my direction that she doesn’t read my blog. “I’m sorry, I just do don’t anything besides email.” Her eyes were genuine.  “Don’t worry about it,” my eyes were not, “It’s just a... Read more »

Guns Are Weak, So Is Palin

Alright, Sarah Palin, we get it. You like guns.  Sarah Palin has been using gun imagery to conduct business as usual on her website, Twitter and in her vocabulary defending the conservative Tea Party protests in recent weeks. “Don’t retreat, instead – RELOAD!” was her reaction to the Health care bill and her Facebook page... Read more »

Sweet Talking Will Get You Anywhere

And by “anywhere” I mean good nachos and on the court during a Bulls game. The hubs and scored some last-minute tickets to see Miami behead our lovable b-ballers Thursday night. My favorite thing to do at games (besides text the babysitter) is to people watch. One such person I recognized immediately was Comcast SportsNet... Read more »

Public Service Announcement

The CTA elevator is broken at Michigan Avenue and Randolph, so if you are underground with a stroller or a wheel chair, too bad for you, sucker! It smells like pee anyway. After my baby and I enlisted help from a passerby to help carry our stroller up the concrete steps into the sunshine, we... Read more »

Who Hates Dex?

God. Could they have picked a worse guy? Though I’ve been watching these commercials for well over a year, it took me until today to actually click to see if Dex knows or not. Sadly, he kinda does. I get it – he’s a super annoying guy personifying the phone book. If you’re old enough... Read more »

I'm Totally Soulmates With The Guy At Dominick's

If your name is Niko and we got hitched in that church a few years ago, please stop reading. I was a little down on Dominick’s for their Kohl’s Cash ruse. Apparently “fluid dairy products” was among the many, many items not qualifying for that deal I posted about, so of the $268 I spent,... Read more »

Odd Trend Alert: Fake Disposables

This whole economic meltdown has spurned some interesting turns of events: a baby boom, an increase in the value of McDonald’s stock and now  . . . durable kitchenware that looks disposable? I thought paper plates were the low-rent version of dishes. They were what I had in my cabinets in college anyway. There’s always... Read more »

Turquoise? Everywhere? Crap. (UPDATED!)

My turquoise mood started around November. One of my old necklaces broke and I repurposed its turquoise beads as berries in a wreath otherwise made of pine cones and hot glue. (We crafty over here.) I have since really caught the bug for the color, indulging impulse buys for turquoise art, jewelry and fashion.  Most... Read more »