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What Is Stress, And Why Is It Killing Us?

Stress We’ve all heard about it, and most of us just sweep it under the rug. Sure, we all intrinsically know it’s “bad” for us, and it may cause harm, but what does that actually mean? It’s more than “just in your head”, your body thinks it’s real and dangerous. Why is stress so bad... Read more »

Sensory Deprivation What?

“You’re looking a bit haggard.” Four years of seemingly endless graduate school had done this to me. A tired, apparently haggard shell, which no one seemed to recognize. I kept receiving uninvited opinions, all converging on a similar conclusion. I looked tired and needed to do something about it. I’m in the healthcare field, and... Read more »

How Chronic Stress is Killing Us All

How Chronic Stress is Killing Us All
What’s the difference between being chased by a bear and missing an office deadline? I’d rather miss my office deadline. However, when it comes stress and how our bodies react to perceived threats, there’s not much difference. The threat of being chewed by a bear, limb by limb (shudder), or chewed out by our boss... Read more »